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Here are some great places to go:

Table of Contents

This page contains links to good and interesting web sites and pages. The information is divided into the following categories:

  • Tattoo HomePages
  • Other Artists and Art Places
  • Book Places
  •  History and Museums
  • Other great Places
  • Friends & Personal

We are interested in other good links, so if you have your own HomePage within these categories, please give us a call. You can use the Feedback Page.


Tattoo Places

Here are a few Tattoo Places of interest.

Kunst med Puls

Norway's finest Studio

Sarah Street
Sarah did work for some years at Kunsten på Kroppen.
She is now living and working close to Worchester in England.
Here is a link to her Facebook Profile

Art & Soul Tattoo Studio
Visit Erika Stanley and her friends in Los Angeles
(Erika has also worked with us at Kunsten på Kroppen!)

Urban Primitives
in Toronto, Canada
home of Daemon Rowanchilde

Into You
Alex Binnie and friends in London

Keibunsha - Japan's Tattoo Institute
If you are interested in collecting serious books etc. on Japanese Tattoo Art - this is the place!

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum
Very good collection

Vanishing Tattoos
A site with a lot of history and focus on "tribal tattooing"
Very excellent!

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Other general Art places

Here follows a few good General Art and Artists' sites that I have found:

Anita's Glass Art
and other forms of art

If you want graphics for your walls or for your homepage,
you can get it here!

Buuti Pedersen
Greenland's best artist!
Lives in Qaqortoq, South Greenland

Henrik Voldmester
A fine Danish sculptor working in different forms of granite.

Claire Artemyz

French photographer who specialises in artistic photos and video of supercloseup tattoos.
Very cool and a different view on tattoos!

Galleri Ásdis
Outstanding Icelandic goldsmith in Copenhagen.

A place to find Danish Artists

Dansk BilledhuggerSamfund
Danish Society of Sculptors

Danish newspaper on art.

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Books & Book places

Den Danske Boghandlerforening
(med links til alle boghandlerne)
This is the Danish Booksellers
common place with links to
all Danish Bookshops

Fantask Tegneserier
Copenhagen's Oldest Comics-
Science Fiction and Games Shop.

Co'libri Bogbind
Denmark's finest bookbindery with their own book-club for fine bindings.

Kritisk Portal
Andmeldelser og andet sjov
For Henning Prins - Danish author

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History and Museums

One of the finest Art Museums in the world in Humlebaek, Denmark

National History Museum of Denmark - THE place to go for original Viking Art

Trapholt Kunstmuseum
Trapholt Museum of Modern Art in Kolding, Denmark

Tanums Hällristningsmuseum
The Bronze Age Petroglyphic Art Museum in Tanum, Sweden
Works to record and preserve this great heritage.

Bornholms Museum
Very fine site on Petroglyphs

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Another great places:


Beatles Unlimited
Fan Magazine

Paul McCartney's
Home Page

The Internet BEATLES Album
Massive web place!
They got just about everything.


National Geographic
The biggest Geographic Magazine and Society in the world

Den Norske Turistforening
The Norwegian Tourist Association.
Dedicated to trekking in the Norwegian Mountains.
A fine web site!

Grønlands turistråd.
Greenland Tourist Board.
Go there! It is beautiful beyond belief.

Qaqortoq South Greenland
The homepage of the Kommune
It is a beautiful place. Visit the Museum!

Take a trip to East Greenland

Native Peoples of North America
This Magazine is a good place to start!


Fantask Tegneserier
Copenhagen's Oldest Comics-
Science Fiction and Games Shop.

Anders And & Co.
The official Danish Donald Duck City.

Another American Comics World


Amnesty International
Working to Protect Human Rights Worldwide.

 dcf.gif (1035 bytes)
Dansk Cyklistforbund

Danish Bicycle Organization.
"We want the wind to come from behind - always!"

The Least bad Newspaper in Denmark

Leftwing conglomerate of groups in the Danish Parliament

Danish Leftwing Political Group

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High quality furniture, floor planks, miniatures, etc.


Why eat cheap when you can eat really good? Here are a few very fine Danish Restaurants:

Jan Hurtigkarl
En af landets bedste restauranter.
Her tager et måltid god tid!


Kong Hans
Kong Hans' Kælder i København


A Homepage for serious knife makers

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Friends & Personal

Henrik Reime
My brother now lives in Copenhagen, and is a computer wiz-kid

Inger Reime
My sister works as a coach

Eva Jørgensen & Morten Høiland-Hansen
Advisors in conflict solutions and cooperation.

Reime Gruppen!
Some Norwegian industries

Familien Rønneberg
Genealogical base, where the Reime family is included.

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Erik Reime har sammensat denne liste.


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