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Thomas' Adélie penguin

Dear Erik.

After I had personally stood on 'the White Continent' - Antarctica, and seen Donkey, Hagerem's and Adélie penguins in their natural environment, I knew I had to have a special memorial for the dream of my life, that I was living out. You found a very special drawing of one of my favourite animals - the Adélie Penguin, in a book that was over 100 years old, and that you made into a tattoo for me. It was just as I had dreamed, and every time in the future that I look at it, I will remember that I finally lived my dream out, after 14 years, when I made the goal of seeing and standing on Antarctica.

- Thanks a lot Erik, for the beautiful Adélie Penguin.

Greetings - Thomas...

- and here are a couple of photos of Thomas with 'his' penguins on Antarctica:


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