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Tattooed by Hand 

Inuit sewing technique

Helle is a biologist and works with fishing control in Greenland, and she got a tattoo that is inspired by the pearl-embroidered jewellery of East Greenland. It was don by sewing like the Inuit did in the 'old days'.

Here follows some pictures of the process:

And here is the finished result.
Right now, you will best see the in- and out holes of the needle. In time the points will disappear, and only the line be visible. I have made some crosses who allude pearls.
It actually hurts less than you would imagine. You feel the prick when the needle goes in, and a bit strange when the thread passes under the skin, and that is it. It hurts more in some places than others. It hurts more to be tattooed with a modern tattoo machine, says Helle.


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