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Some tattoos done by hand - without use of a modern electrical tattoo machine.

I have developed my own technique as I imagine it was used way back in the old days.
Today is mostly known the Japanese and the Polynesian technique.

In Japan they tie a bunch of needles together at the end of a long stick. When tattooing, the stick is moved over the thumb, almost like when playing billiards.

In Polynesia, the needles are often like a comb that is carved out of pig's teeth. They again are tied to the end of a stick, but contrary to the Japanese way, they are at an angle to the stick. Another stick is used as a hammer. You then need another person to stretch the skin to be tattooed.

Earlier, in the Polar Regions (Greenland, Canada and Siberia) was used a very special technique. They practically "sewed" the tattoos on. A thread was dipped in colour, and with a needle dragged through the skin.

My technique is using a small stick with the needles attached, and moving them pretty much like the tattoo machine does. I only need to know exactly how deep to go. I have also experimented with rosethorns as needles. You can read more about that at our News Pages.

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Here is a rosethorn that I have used for tattooing:  

And in 2003 I tattooed with this flintstone:
and you can read more about that here

See how Helle got her Inuit inspired design sewed on to her upper arm.

Here I am 'sewing' a tattoo on
In Lejre 2005 (Photo: Claire Artemyz)

This woolyhaired rhinoceros from an old cavepainting was tattooed with hawthorns

Here is a short filmclip from YouTube where I am doing a handtattooed dragon on the Viking Market at Lindholm Høje in 2010
It was put on YouTube by "Danish Teacher":



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