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Erik's Second collection of Tattoo Work
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Read about how Torben got his tattoo

+ 15 years later

  Thomas Rode








A classic motive
in a new way

th-anker.jpg (1307 bytes)

His name is Bjørn

th-bjorn.jpg (1093 bytes)

A cool little armband

th-dance.jpg (902 bytes)

One of Eric's typical

th-drag1.jpg (1300 bytes)

th-drag2.jpg (1219 bytes)

One more Dragon

A Dragon-Foot

th-dragfod.jpg (965 bytes)

It is not all
black'n white

th-farv.jpg (1293 bytes)

Dragons, wrapped around both legs

th-frank1.jpg (1222 bytes)

A petroglyphic leg

th-helben1.jpg (1232 bytes)

Celtic armband

th-keltarm.jpg (1010 bytes)

A small shoulder

th-lille1.jpg (1116 bytes)

A low back

th-lille2.jpg (943 bytes)



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