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Claire Artemyz photos of the tattoo process.

After being contacted by French Photographer Claire Artemyz in 2004, Erik has been cooperating with her projects of photographing and filming the tattoo process. Her main interest is to make the photos and video almost abstract by going to extreme close-up. The very moment that the needle penetrates the skin, and drops of blood may show.
She has her own homepage at:

Here are a few of the results:



These photos have been taken out of one of the videos, and they really get to be very beautiful.

And some more photos of the process - Ulrich and Palle:




Claire has written several articles about us in different Tattoo Magazines:

ARTEMYZ, Claire: Article in French magazine Tatouage Magazine No 48 Janvier/Février 2006 about Erik and Colin in Lejre 2005
            And in German: Tätovier Magazine März 03/2006  -  You may read the original article
here (in German!) And here in French.

         And in Dutch: Tattoo Planet - Februari-Maart # 23 (2007) And the original article is here in Dutch.


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