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Since Danmarks liberation day May the 4th, Kunsten på Kroppen has a new member:

Uffe Berenth Hansen.

Uffe started tattooing in 2011 and developed to a respected nordic artist during that time and his name is not unknown.

Like the rest of us, he also travels the world as an ambassador of nordic tattooing.

His next journey for example will bring him to New York.

He set his foot on the soil of Sudan, Angola and Chechnya clearing out landmines before he became tattoo artist.

He also saw the endless ice of Greenland with his own eyes.

He is a gifted leather worker, also skilled in doing sculpures, wich is probably also due to his education as graphic designer.

We are very happy to welcome Uffe in our midst and look forward to a good time of working together

Uffe Berenth





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We have opened 2012 with a fine photo exhibition all along the stairs up to the Studio.
Do come along to enjoy it!
It only takes a trip to Copenhagen!






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