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We went to Lejre in week 30
July 20th - 27th
Come and experience us tattooing in ancient techniques.
Lejre is always worth visiting. And you can see lots of pictures from our earlier visits by following this link.

Louise Lambert has written an article about us at Lejre (in Danish) for the Web Magazine:
Dansk Tattoo Magasin, and you can read it here.

We participated in the National Museum's big
during the weekend August 17-18th
It was a great succes

Patricia is now busy tattooing!


HurraKunsten på Kroppen 25 yearsHurra

Saturday April 27th
Rådhusstræde 15,2
1466 København K

We will celebrate that Erik has been tattooing for more than 25 years
and that Kunsten på Kroppen has existed for 25 years.

At the same time we say goodbye to Marcus
He will open his wings and go travelling the world with his artistic skills.
He will participate in conventions, and do guest spots at different Studios around the world to seek new inspiration.
(So if you are a tattooist with a good studio, and free space, do let us know.
You will not regret it!)
We hope to see him back at Kunsten på Kroppen again when he has brushed off his travelling dust.

Instead we say hello to
who is our new apprentice.
She has been here some time already,. and is a very skilled designer.
Welcome her!

On the day we will serve some mead and coffee and cakes etc.
Erik will show his Powerpoint lecture on the History of Tattooing.
And in general we will have a good time.

All previous and future customers are welcome to come by.
Remember to show your tattoos!

A few photos from the day

Kai has been mentioned i a fine article in a Polish tattoo magazine - Tatuaz no 45, 2013
you can download the article here in pdf
Please note that the file is 65 MB
Text in Polish, but many fine photos

Has been to his first convention - in Bordeaux, France
and he won his first prize! Best tribal
Best tribal 2nd Bordeaux

He even won a prize for his own tattoo - done by Kai!
Marcus and his Dionyssos
Marcus and his Dionysus
- and the original at the Glyptotek in Copenhagen




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We have opened 2012 with a fine photo exhibition all along the stairs up to the Studio.
Do come along to enjoy it!
It only takes a trip to Copenhagen!






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