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Patricia Campos
Marcus Hammer
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Erik as a Viking Chief at Lejre 2011

We were at Lejre in November to take some photos, and Anita got this one of Erik
And you can see some of the other fine photos here.

Erik at the Royal Library of Denmark

Now you, my customers, have all become part of the 'National Memory'!
Erik has donated all his photos to the National Photo Museum at
The Royal Library in Copenhagen

First part of the donation are all the 'analog' negatives and paper copies.
In all about 40 binders with more than 16.000 photos.
The idea is that they will be available for all, with the normal restrictions that lie in the fact that the photos are private and show private people.
For quite some time it will probably be difficult to find 'your own' photos, because it will take time to get it all digitalized. But at least they are saved and taken care for, for the future. I felt that to be important.

Later on the digital photos will follow.

Some time in the future researchers will be able to follow the development of the Tattoo Art in Denmark - at least for the time that I was active as a Tattoo Artist.



Kai was at the York Viking Festival in England in February


Kai and Marcus did participate in the
Copenhagen Ink Festival
April 1.-3. 2011
in Tap1
Ny Carlsbergvej 91 - 1738 Copenhagen V

Kai tattooing Marcus


Marcus started tattooing during the spring!
Greet him well, and follw him on his own pages


We did participate in the Viking Market at
Lindholm Høje
June 26-27

We were at Lejre in week 30
July 23 - 30.






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