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We did participate in the Viking Market at Lindholm Høje
June 27-28.

We were also at Lejre Historical Research Centre
for our traditional week
in week no 30
July 18-26.

Colin has set a new World Record!
He has tattooed an old lady, Karen, who got her first tattoo for her 103 years birthday!!
The event was published in the Elderly People's Magazine "nu" in their
April number for 2009, and you can see the fine photos here:

A new book has been published on tattooing:
Marisa Kakoulas: Black Tattoo Art - Modern expression of the Tribal
It is probably the finest book about Tattoo ART I have seen so far!
English and German text. Very big and heavy book of 536 pages.
A major part of the book is dedicated to our dot shading technique, called 'Dotwork' and features an interview with Colin.

From October we will welcome a new fantastic tattoo artist
at Kunsten på Kroppen:
Kai Uwe Faust
He comes from Germany, and works a lot like, and from the same viewpoint as Colin & Erik.
See his pages here

Colin has stopped at Kunsten på Kroppen, and has started his own studio:
Skin and Bones
Jægersborggade 47/49
2200 København N
We wish him the best of luck in the future.
At the moment there is no homepage, and no telephone
Check the Net.



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