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Erik's exhibition at Qaqortoq Museum
in South Greenland
May 20th.  - June 20th. 2008

Qaqortoq is a lovely little city in South Greenland with about 3000 inhabitants. It is visited each year by a large number of cruise ships and individual tourists.

Qaqortoq museum is in one of the oldest houses of the city, built in the early 1800's. It used to be the home of the manager of the trading station. It is very well kept, and built entirely of wood, covered by wooden shingles. The house is painted with tar all over. It has three floors and in the ground floor is a permanent museum exhibition, changing exhibitions (like mine), and a small museumshop. On the first floor is offices, storage, etc, and on the top floor are two fine rooms where among others the arctic explorer Knud Rasmussen and the aviation pioneer Charles Lindberg has once lived. There is a small garden with a peat shed and an umiaq (women's boat).

The museum.
The exhibition was on the ground floor, closest to the photographer.

Here you may see the fine exhibition that we made in the two rooms that are reserved to temporary exhibitions.

Rom number one - the wall towards the square. You enter the room through the door to the left that leads to the hall.

The corner towards the square - old photos and paintings of Inuit tattoos - and a few new ones that Erik has made

A view towards room number two

The corner with Eva

The corner towards the square.

The corner towards room number two

The door to room number one and the corner towards the square

A view into room number two - from the door and with Bo at the end wall

Room number two - the wall towards the museum garden

A corner of room number two - the door leads to the hall

A corner of room number two - the door opening leads to room number one

The corner towards the garden


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