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What happened at
Kunsten pa Kroppen in 1998
Tattoo Studio - Copenhagen, Denmark

The fall found us very busy working, and doing a lot of different exhibitions:

August 10-24. Exhibition at Maritime Center in Svendborg, Denmark
August 12 - Erik lectured on the history of tattoo at Maritime Center

September 5-20 exhibition at Gallery 108 in Roskilde, Denmark
with Steffan Herrik (sculpture) and  Birgitte Lykke Madsen (painting).
At the opening (which happened at the Roskilde 1000 Years Celebration Cultural Night), Erik tattooed a choice of tattoos related to the History of Roskilde.
See photos

Friday September 11th.
Erik participated in The Cultural Night in Odense, Denmark
and tattooed at Gallery Rasmus. With Steffan Herrik.

October 3-25. Exhibition at Herlev Cultural House: Gammelgaard:
"BODY - In and out of Time"
With Steffan Herrik (sculpture) and Laurie Grundt (painting).
Saturday October 3rd was the grand opening,
where several of Erik's larger tattoos were present (in person), as official works of art.
See Photo.

October 31st - November 22nd.
"Black on White" at the new cultural house: "The Chalk House" in Stege on the Danish island of Moen, and arranged by Moen's Cultural Society.
With Steffan Herrik.
See Photo.

November 4th - 8th.
Exhibition and workshop in connection with the second International Fashion biennale "HyperHall 98" in the Øksnehall in Copenhagen.
Danish and English designers participated.
See Photo.

November 27-29th.  Tattoo Expo IV in Malmö, Sweden.
Erik and Colin participated.
Erik brought home a few more trophies:

Best Back piece (Female) on Lea
Best overall tattoo (Female) on Hanna

Apart from that we were both pretty busy, and it turned out to be one of the best conventions we have visited so far.
Colin could show the ancient Inuit technique - with needle and thread!

May 3.-4.
Body Art Convention -98
(KroppsKonst Mässan -98)
Norrköping, Sweden

Erik and Colin participated.
They also showed a photo exhibition of their latest works.
On the poster, that was all over town, was Lea - tattooed by Erik.


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