Patricia was born short before the spring equinox in 1993.

She grew up and went to school in Copenhagen.

Graffiti, design and tattooing were her main interests and hobbyies from an very early age on.

Patricia started as an interne at Kunsten på Kroppen and later became the second apprentice of Kai Uwe Faust.

She has been tattooing since 2013 and is already very successful. Already in her second year of tattooing, she has won awards for her work though out tattoo conventions. 

Her gentle style of handpoke tattooing is often described as "nearly pain free" or even "enjoyable". Her work heals exceptionally fast, with fascinating colour results. Famous already also by her very intricate patterns with that smooth touch of feminity.

Patricia travels a lot and you can meet her all over Europe at tattoo conventions, viking festivals and guestspots in different studios.

Kunsten på Kroppen is very proud to host this young and aspiring artist.