Patricia Nohr

Patricia was born shortly before the spring equinox in 1993 in Copenhagen, where she also grew up and went to school From an early age she found graffiti, design, and tattooing fascinating and they became her main interests, alongside creating music.

While studying design she started as an intern at Kunsten på Kroppen and later became the second apprentice of Kai Uwe Faust.

After starting to tattoo in 2013, she has become rapidly succesful and travelled to many conventions and guest spots around Europe. During her second year of tattooing, she had already won awards for her work.

Her gentle style of handpoke is often described as "nearly pain free" or even "enjoyable". Her work heals exceptionally fast, with fascinating results in the colour gradients due to her remarkable dotwork. Her style is famous for the very intricate patterns that have a smooth touch of feminity.

Despite her distinguished Nordic style, she enjoys geometric work more than anything.