Kunsten på Kroppen has never fit in the category of "normal", nor have any of the people working here, which is why Moriild felt she finally found the perfect place.

She had worked in other tattoo shops before, but never felt quite right. She has always been a free spirit, always inspired by nature, history, and art. Her beliefs have led her to a practice of healing and Reiki initiation among other things. It was precisely this connection between spirituality and work that made her feel a bit off in previous places, never completely aligned with their values.   

Her passion for art did not start with tattooing, though they have always been part of her life. Her father had a machine he made himself, and her mother had a piece made by that machine.
Even though she has been drawing her whole life and has an education from the Design Academy, her first fascination was with shaping and designing things.

She has worked with stone, art installation and ceramics. This taught her the importance of perfect timing: when movement and pressure need to be combined and applied. At the time, she was also drawing on the porcelain she was making. Though she was not tattooing herself, people who knew her asked for designs for getting on their skin.

It was not until one day at a design fair somebody said "It looks like you are tattooing the porcelain" that the idea of picking up this trade started taking shape in her mind.
A blend of all that she loved: contact, healing, creating art while not making more things and just using the body as a canvas.