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Founder: Erik Reime - Retired 2015

Born in Stavern, Norway 1950. Moved to Denmark 1965. High School. Studied sociology at University of Copenhagen. Refused military services, and instead worked at a library in Vanlose, Copenhagen for one year in 1975. Worked in a political bookshop for 10 years. Worked for Greenpeace. Apprenticed as a tattoo artist at Tato Svend in Nyhavn, Copenhagen. Started "Kunsten pa Kroppen" in 1988.

One of the first to pick up tattooing by hand, using a technique that has been around for thousands of years, but is not much known today (used mainly for special designs, though)

Worked mainly in Black and White. Graphic and simple. Used a wide variety of ethnic & historic designs from all over the world, as inspiration for his unique tattoos.

Motto: Bold Simplicity and enhancing the body.

Erik has many times been lecturing about the art and history and culture of tattoo. To school children, students, art groups, etc. He has also participated in several programs on radio and television.

In 1996 Erik was accepted as a member of BKF - the Artists' Union in Denmark, as the first tattoo artist ever.
Also many years member of APTA - Association of Professional Tattoo Artists (England)
National Tattoo Association (USA)
Tattoo Club of Great Britain.

Erik retired from January 1st 2015 after almost 30 years of tattooing.

I have always been somewhat of a 'first mover'.
I was one of the first to move out of the old tattoo areas in Copenhagen - Nyhavn and Istedgade - when I opened my first Studio in Gammel Mønt., which is a street in the central, old Copenhagen.
The Studio was situated on the second floor as oposed to all the rest who were either in a basement, or at least street level.
All the other tatto shops were called something like: 'Tattoo-Peter, Tattoo-Ole' etc.
I called mine: Kunsten på Kroppen - The Art on the Body.
I think that said someting about what I wanted with it.
My opening hours were Monday to Friday 11-18.oo - all the rest were open till late at night and in weekends.

Right from the beginning, I developed my own designs, based on historical motives.
Especially from the Viking Age and Bronze Age (Petroglyphs).
I have always preferred to design most of my things directly on the body onto which the tattoo was meant. Even when I have designed on paper first, and transferred by stencil, I have always considered the body first.
In time I developed the dot shading technique. Nobody else at the time used it. 
But after it had been mentioned and shown in some publications, a lot of other tattooists has taken it up, and now it has it's own category in the tattoo world.

The same goes for my interest in tattooing with the historical techniques.
I had been thinking a lot about how they actually tattooed beack the, in the Viking Time and even earlier.. They had no tattoo machine (it was invented in the late 1800's).
So I started tattooing by hand without the use of a tattoo machine.
I did use needles (They have been used ever since the invention of metals) 
and I used thorns, and even flint stones. I am pretty sure that when I did the first flint stone tattoo, it was the first time in thousands of years.
After it had also been published in some magazines, a lot of tattooists has taken it up (it was appealing to the zeitgeist), and today whole books are dedicated to the art of tattooing without the use of machines.

In 1992 I moved the Studio to it's present premises at
Rådhusstræde 15 - still on the second floor.

In 1996 I was the first ever Tattoo Artist to be accepted into the Danish Union of Artists.

Now I have reached the revered age of retirement, and have passed the torch to the new generations,
whom I hope will drive Kunsten på Kroppen further.
And develop it to new heights!
Good Luck!

A sincere thank you I will extend to my faithful customers through the years,
who has been open to new ideas and developments and been willing to carry them on their bodies.
I hope they still feel they carry Art on their Bodies!

Erik Reime 

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