The Philosophy, and Politics behind this Web Site.

This Web Site is built as follows:

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I do hope that this table is understandable. There are TWO main lines: Danish & English.
Some pages (those in the middle column) are written in both languages. There are lots of internal links to help navigate. Later on I will develop some general frames.

This HomePage is directed towards other countries. Thus the English pages. But since it's home is Denmark, the main part is in Danish. It is my hope that a lot of foreign tattooists and fans will read the list of literature, and contribute with books, etc that is not already on it.

The HomePage is directed towards people who wants some simple facts on tattooing. For instance school children or students writing thesis on tattooing. They should hopefully find a lot of information here.

This HomePage will also present Kunsten pa Kroppen Tattoo Studio, and the people working there.

I have tried to keep it simple. There is not too much fancy graphics and gigantic files that would take forever to download. I have not so many photos included. I do not believe people will sit looking at a lot of photos. Thus only a select few. I also often have the problem that a lot of the tattoos that I make, are not really suited for photography. They need to be seen ON THE BODY, because they twist and turn around it.

In my tattoos - as in every other aspect, I am very much opposed to "Biker Style". I do not like tattoos that are too detailed and fine line equilibrism. They may look good on a photo in a magazine, but they do not work after a few years. It is OK by me that some people may like and want this style. But they will have to look elsewhere for it.

It has taken an immense lot of time building this HomePage. It has exclusively been don in my "spare" time. After normal working hours. Often very late at night. I will continually be updating and polishing it, so do hang on!

Erik Reime - July 1997

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