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  Tattoo Books

Kai Uwe Faust Nordic Tattoo
Kai's excellent book with photos of tattoos that he has done.
Text in German, English and Dansih.
You can buy it at Kunsten på Kroppen

All entries follow the same pattern:
Author: Title
Annotation. In English (if the book is not in Danish!) - Number of pages (u.p. means: No numbered pages) - Language - Publisher, Year - ISBN number (if available)
This list was last revised 10. december 2014
Since good books should be kept in stock at the publishers, the NEW markings will be kept for some unspecified time!

All the books on this list can be found at Kunsten på Kroppen. It used to be quite fulfilling, but recent years a multitude of books has been published, so it has become quite impossible to keep up. But I still think the list is quite extensive.

After the list of Books, follows a form I would like you to fill and submit, if you know that there is a Tattoo related book that is missing here.


ALLEN, Tricia: The Polynesian Tattoo Today NEW!
A fine overview of Polynesian tattooing of today (2010) Well illustrated.
285 p. - English - Mutual Publishing, Hawaii, 2010 - ISBN: 978-1-56647-921-9
ANDERSEN, Willy: Tatovering I Ord og Billeder
Fine Danish book. Fin dansk bog om tatoveringer 
224 s - Danish - Mikro, 1971 ISBN 87-70460760
AVEA, Chief Sielu: Tatau - The art of the Samoan Tattoo  
A small booklet about the meaning of the different patterns, with focus on the author's own tattoos. He is a big entertainer on Hawaii. 
40 p - Sielu Enterprises, Hawaii 1997 - ISBN: 0-934496-09-9
BAK, Henning & JESS, Hjalmar: Hallo, hier ist Rocky, der Irokese
Ein völlig tätowierter Mann.
A book to teach Danish children the German language. Presenting one heavily tattooed man: Rocky.
Til tyskundervisning i skolerne.
28 s. - German - Sprogforlaget, Måløv, 1984 - ISBN: 87-87751-30-5
BARBIERI, Gianpaolo: Tahiti Tattoos 
Testo di  Michel Tournier. Storia del tatuaggio polinesiano di Raymond Graffe.
One of the finest tattoo books ever produced. Beautiful setup.
Hardcover. u.p. - Italian text - Fabbri Editori, Italia, 1989. No ISBN

BARBIERI, Gian Paolo: Tahiti Tattoos 
Introduktion by Michel Tournier. This book contains such beutiful photos of such excuisite tattoos, that it is a must for any tattoo fan. The photo collection is much the same as the older book, but there is slightly more here.
128 p - English text - Taschen Books, Germany etc. 1998 - ISBN: 3-8228-7763-8

BAXTER, Bob & Bernard Clark: Tattoo Road Trip - Two weeks in Samoa
A personal tourist trip including some tattooing
160 p - English - Schiffer Books, Atglen, PA, USA, 2002 - ISBN: 0-7643-1737-7
BAXTER, Bob: Tattoo Road trip - The Pacific Northwest
A personal trip to visit tattooists and tattooed people along the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 2001with many photos and interviews, and diary along the way.
224 p - English - Schiffer Books, USA 2002 - ISBN 0-7643-1522-6
BIRCH-JENSEN, Malin: Manlig Fåfänga
Swedish book about male vanity. One chapter on tattoos. Svensk bog om manlig forfæ¦ngelighed, Kapitel om tatovering bygger på interview med Erik Reime, Flot bog,
u.p. - Swedish - Bra Böcker 1991
BIRKET-SMIDT, Kaj: Kulturens Veje.
Bind 2. s 32-40,188,274 om Tatovering. - Dansk - Poiltikens Forlag, København 1967.
BLACKBURN, Mark: Tattoos from Paradise
Traditional Polynesian Patterns. VERY fine book on all the different Polynesian cultures. Very lavishly illustrated. Big, bound and expensive - but well worth it.
205 p. Schiffer Books, Atglen, USA, 1999 - ISBN: 0-7643-0941
BONGE, Steve: Tattooed with Attitude
Biker tattoos. Lots of bad facial tattooing. Forfærdelige tatoveringer - ansigts mm. H.A.-fotograf.
128 p - English - Virgin 1995 - ISBN 0-86369-935-9
Brain, Robert: The Decorated Body
Covers most aspects of how humans have used their bodies in well disposed chapters and good photos that are not seen so many other places.
192 p - English - Harper & Row publishers, New York, 1979 - ISBN: 0-06-010458-9
BURCHETT, George: Memoirs of a Tattooist 
The old English Master of Tattoo's own memoirs, as told to Peter Leighton. Including some photos of his work (including Danish King Frederik IX).
222 p. - English - Oldbourne, London 1958
BØGH, Per: Tataou - magi & kunst  
En lille dansk bog om tatoveringer. Flere fine illustrationer og rimelig tekst.
60 s - indbundet - Danish - Fiskeri-og Søfartsmuseet - Saltvandsakvariet - Esbjerg. ISBN 87-90982-22-3


CAMPHAUSEN, Rufus C.: Return of the Tribal - A Celebration of Body Adornment
Contains some of all - piercing, Tattooing, Body painting, Scarification.
122 p - English - Park Street Press, Vermont 1997 - ISBN: 0-89281-610-4
CAPLAN, Jane (ed): Written on the Body 
The Tattoo in European and American History.
Several essays surveys the history of the tattoo in Europe and North America from Antiquity to the present day. Lots of learned text. Very little illustration.
319 p - English - Reaction Books, London 1999 - ISBN:  1 86189 062 1
CARSWELL, John: Coptic Tattoo Design - with a foreword by Margaret Murray
Photocopies of old religious tattoo designs, and text
English - 1958 - in binder from Tattoo Archive
CHENCINER, Robert, Gabib Ismailov & Magomedkhan Magomedkhanov:  Tattooed Mountain Women and spoon boxes of Daghestan  important book!
Magic medicine symbols in silk, stone, wood and flesh.
A very interesting book covering primitive tattoo symbols and techniques. It also shows how the same symbols have been used in a lot of different materials
English - 95 p - paperback - Bennet & Bloom publishers, London 2006 - ISBN: 978-1-89-894881-X
CHIANG, Lim Poh: Among the Dayaks
Unusually fine book. Fine photos, fine tattoos, fine people.
En ualmindeligt flot bog om Dayak folket i Malaysia Flotte fotos og flotte tatoveringer og flotte mennesker,
131 p - English - Graham Brash, Singapore 1988 - ISBN 9971-49-110-9
CHOYUKAI: Japanese Tattoo Artist Horihide's World
Luxurious Japanese book. Japanese text. Japansk Luxus
106 p - Keibunsha 1989 - ISBN 4-905848-14-13
COHEN, Tony: Tattoo
Australian - lots of copies from other sources. Lots that has nothing to with tattooing
Dårlig Australsk bog. Masser af stjålne fotos fra andre kilder. Lummer pornografi og piercing som ingen steder hører hjemme.
278 p - English - Savvas, Australia 1994 - ISBN 0 949155 28 4
COLLINS, Sailor Jerry: American Tattoo Master
Edited and published by Ed Hardy. About a classic master.
168 p - English - Hardy Marks 1994 - ISBN: 0-945367-11-2
Comune Di Roma-Assessorato Alla Cultura: L'asino e la Zebra
Originie tendenze del tatuaggio contemporaneo Monstra a cura dello "Studio i" e di Don Ed Hardy. Actually this is a catalogue for an exhibition, held in Italy.
English text. 99 p - De Luca Editiore 1985


DELIO, Michelle: Tattoo - The exotic art of skin decoration
Flotte fotos, og fine artikler som kommer godt omkring af ed Fine photos and fine articles that get well around the subject.
79 p - English - Virgin 1993 - ISBN: 0-86369-733-x

DeMello, Margo: Bodies of Inscription - A cultural history of the modern tattoo community 
This is an essential and good book, if you can read! And if you are interested in the whats and the whys of today's tattoo world. A thorough and scholarly anthropological study at the Duke University of California.
225 p - English - Duke Univ. Press, 2000 - ISBN: 0-8223-2432-6

DeMICHELLE, William: Illustrated Woman
Flotte fotos af tatoverede kvinder af de bedste amerikanske tatovører, Fine photos of tattooed women, by some of the best american tattoo artists.
128 p - English - Proteus press, New York 1992 - ISBN 0-9631708-0-5
Deter-Wolf, Aaron & Carol Diaz-Granados: Drawing with Great Needles Ancient Tattoo Traditions of North America. NEW!
Very fine and very academic book about tattooing in North America from ancient time to the different American Indian Tribes. Well illustrated.
293 p. Hardback. English. University of Texas - ISBN: 978-0-292-74912-2
DIVERSE: Norsk Folkemuseums Årbok 1978
XXVII, Bind, sæ¦rligt kapitel om tatovering hos eskimoerne Special chapter in Swedish on the history of Eskimo tattooing. Well researched. 0 - Swedish - Norsk Folkemuseum 1979 - ISBN 82-9036-13-2
DIVERSE: Terminal Tattoo
Omhandler et par franske tatovører, med original fotos. Private magazine about a few French tattooists. In French. Leaflet. With original photos.
67 p - French - Trachsel Franck 1989
DUBÉ, Philippe: Tattoo-tatoué
Histoire, thechniques, motifs du tatouage en Amérique francaise de la colonisation á nos jours. In French. Paperback. 227 p - Jean Basile éditeur 1985


EBIN, Victoria: The Body Decorated
Fin, almen bog om kropsudsmykning i hele verden. Fine, general book about bodydecoration around the world. 
96 p - English - Thames & Hudson 1979 - ISBN: 0-500-06008-8
ELDRIDGE, C.W.: History of the Tattoo Machine
Binder with photocopies from Tattoo Archive
EMORY, Kenneth P.: Hawaiian Tattooing
Reprint of Occational Papers of Bernice P.Bishop Museum, Hawaii from 1946.
p 235-270 - English - In binder from Tattoo Archive


FARIS, James C.: Nuba Personal Art
The African tribe - the Nubians, and their body decoration; painting and scarification. Om nubiernes kropsudsmykninger, I serien Art and society 
130 p - English - Duckworth 1972 - ISBN:0 7156 0594 1
FAUST, Kai Uwe: Nordic Tattoo - Blact art
Kai's excellent book with photos of some of the tattoos he has done. Genuine Kunsten på Kroppen - Art on the Body.
191 p - German, English and Danish - Arun Verlag - ISBN: 978-3-86663-091-8
Kai Uwe Faust - Nordic Tattoo
FELLMAN, Sandi: The Japanese Tattoo
Fine photos. Flotte fotos 
112 p - English - Abbeville Press 1986 - ISBN: 0-89659-661-3
FERGUSON, Henry & Lynn Proctor: The Art of the Tattoo 
From the editors of Body Art Magazine, and absolutely with the same high standard. Both in photos and text and comments. Exquisite!
128 p. - English - Greenwich Editions 1998 - ISBN: 0-86288-192-7
FOLCO, Philippe di: Skin Art
Large, but not that interesting. Tattoos in general
144 p - English - Fitway publishing, Paris, 2004 - ISBN: 2-7528-0033-9


GELL, Alfred: Wrapping in Images. Tattooing in Polynesia. 
A very extensive and thorough and learned study, entirely based on library research. Well worth reading. A part of the Oxford Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Contains hardly any illustrations.
347 p - Clarendon paperbacks, Uxford U.P. 1996 - ISBN: 0-19-828090-4
GERARD, Jim: Celebrity Skin - Tattoos, brands, and body adornements of the Stars.
Rather a waist of paper and efforts. Bad photos of celebrities' often bad taste.
158 p - Apple, UK, 2001 - ISBN: 1-84092-334-2
GILBERT, Steve: Tattoo History - A Source Book  
A thorough book, dedicated to the History of Tattooing. The text is quite good, but alas, a lot of the illustrations has simply been copied from other books. Published by a firm that specializes in the bizarre.
206 p - English - ReSearch/Juno, New York, 2000 - ISBN: 1-890451-06-1
GLINSKI, Gregor von: Masters of Tattoo  
Fine photobook presenting some tattooists. Mainly German. Ordinary tattoos - good portraits.
133 p - English - Edition Stemmle 1998 - ISBN: 3-908161-38-X
GOTZ: Polynesian Tattoos - Past and present
A fine little book with good illustrations and text.
50 p - English (There is also a French edition) - Pacific Promotion Tahiti - ISBN: 2-911228-18-9
GRARUP, Jan: Mærket for livet - Tatoveringer blandt Livgardens soldater NEW!
Gennem de tatoveringer, Livgardens soldater har fået før, under og efter deres missioner i udlander, skildrer Mærker for Livet den internationale tjeneste, som kampsoldaterne selv oplever den.
u.p. 2013 - Gyldendal - ISBN: 9788702 144437
GROGNARD, Catherine: The Tattoo - Graffiti for the soul
Photos by Claudio Lazi. Published in connection with a French tattoo Convention.
133 p - English - Sunburst Books, London, 1994 - ISBN: 1 85778 098 1
GRÖNING, Karl: Decorated Skin - A world survey of Body Art
Big and very fine book on Body Art in general. Not so much tattoo. Well researched. Beautiful photos.
256 p - English - Thames & Hudson 1997 - ISBN: 0-500-01775-1
GULIK, W.R. van: Irezumi
The Pattern of Dermatography in Japan. Japanese tattoo history. Den japanske tatoverings historie
308 + ill. - English - E.J. Brill-Leiden 1982


HALL, Douglas Kent: Prison Tattoos
Very fine text to an otherwise sad subject. The downside of tattoo.
96 p - English - St.Martin's Griffin, New York, 1997 - ISBN: 0-312-15195-0
HAMBLY, W.D.: The History of Tattooing and it's Significance.
?p. I do not know much about the book, and would like some info! London 1925
HANDY; Willowdean C.: Tattooing in the Marquesas
Unusually complete and intimate record of tattooing and designs. Ca. 1920 - English - Photocopies in binder from Tattoo Archive
HANSEN, Hans J. (Tusch-Hans): En tatovørs erindringer
Handels- og Søfartsmuseet på Kronborg - Søhistoriske skrifter XVI. Memoirs of a Danish tattoo Artist from the beginning of the 1900's. Including some old designs. Danish language.
135 s - Helsingør 1988 - ISBN: 87-14-28865-6
HANSEN, Jens Peder Hart (ed): Qilakitsoq - De grønlandske mumier fra 1400-tallet
Fin bog om de forbløffende fund. Med grundigt kapitel om deres tatoveringer, og inuit-tatovering generelt. In Danish.
216 s. - Chr.Eilers, 1985- ISBN: 87 7241 497 9
HANSEN, Jens Peder Hart (ed): The Greenland Mummies
The same as above, just in English. Thorough chapter on their tattoos, and inuit tattooing in general.
192 p - English - Chr.Eilers, Copenhagen, 1991 - ISBN: 87 7241 499 5
HARDY, Ed: Beyond Skin
A fine book about Ed Hardy as an artist. This takes tattooing into the world of 'fine art'.
240 p. - English, German, French text . TeNeues, Kempen, Germany - 2009 - ISBN: 978-3-8327-9352-4
HARDY, D.E:. Dragon Tattoo Design
Design collection. Tegninger 
80 p - English - Hardy Marks Publ, 1988 - ISBN: 0-945367-01-5
HARDY, Don Ed: Tattoo Flash
Traditional and Modern Designs for Embellishing the Human Epidermis 
66 p - English - Hardy Marks Publ, 1990 ISBN: 0-945367-06-6
HARDY, Ed: Eye Tattooed America
Catalogue of a fine exhibition of Art relating to tattooing. Katalog over udstilling af kunst med tilhørsforhold til tatovering, 
116 p - English - Hardy Marks Publ,/Ann Nathan Gallery 1993 - ISBN: 0-945367-12-0
HARDY, Ed: Forever Yes
Catalogue of photo exhibition in California. Very good. Et udstillingskatalog for fotoudstilling i Californien 21,3-3,5,92, Meget flot, 
99 p - English - Hardy Marks, Bruce Ballantyne 1992 - ISBN: 0-945367-10-4
HARDY, Ed: Rocks of Ages
Fine, clothbound little book on ONE single tattoo motive, done in many different styles. Fin, indbundet lille bog om et enkelt taoveringsmotiv, behandlet af mange forskelluge i mange medier, 
120 p - English - HardyMarks, Honolulu 1992 - ISBN: 0-945367-08-2
HARDY, Ed (ed): Pierced Hearts and True Love
A Century of Drawings for tattoos. Meget god bog. I forbinde Tattoo Flash. 
128 p - English - Drawing Center 1995 - ISBN: 0-942324-09-9
HARDY, Don Ed: Tattooing the Invisible Man - Bodies of Work, 1955-1999
A very fine book that explores all aspects of the art of one of the greatest Tattoo Artists of our time. Originally accompanying an art exhibition in California.
301 p - English - Smart Art Press, Santa Monica, CA, 1999 - ISBN: 0-945367-00-7
HARDY, Ed (ed): Tattootime Magazine 1-5
The magazine that forever changed the modern tattooing. English -
HATFIELD, Gordon Toi: Dedicated by Blood - Photos by Patricia Steur 
A very fine book about a narrow subject. Today's Maori tell about their new Mokos - the ancient tradition kept alive.
109 p. English - Hunter Media, The Hague, Netherlands, 2003 - ISBN: 90 807285 1 9
HELLENBRAND, Kate: Sailor Jerry's Tattoo Stencils 1 & 2
Two collections of sketches of classic sailor style tattoo designs by one of the greatest tattoo artists.
96 & 88 p - English - Schiffer Books, Atglen, PA, USA 2002 - ISBN 0-7643-1562-5 & 0-7643-1655-9
HOFFMANN, Herbert: Motivtafeln
A book collection of classic tattoo flash from the 50's and 60's by the German tattooist Herbert Hoffmann who for about 40 years tattooed in Hamburg.
u.p. (big - A3 laying down - the classic size for flash) - Memoria Pulp, Berlin, 2001 - ISBN: 3-930559-76-5 (Paperback ed)
HORIYOSHI III: Tattoo Designs of Japan
80 p - English - Hardy Marks Publ,, 1990 - ISBN: 0-9453567-07-4
100 designs for tattoos.
151 p - Japanese and English - 1998 - ISBN: 4-89048-570-8
HORIYOSHI III: 108 Heroes of the Suikoden
Designs for tattoos.
215 p - Japanese and English - 2001 - ISBN: 4-89048-638-0


IANNACCONE, Elvia: Out of the Skin 
Italian photographer. Hardly any text. No credits. Good quality photos though.
82 p - Trilingual - Edizioni 3ntini&C 1998- no ISBN
INKSLINGER, Johnny: Tattoons
A collection of not really the best cartoons about tattooing. - English 
u.p. - Spaulding & Rogers, New York, 1981
JAGUER, Jeff: The Tattoo - A pictorial history
Fine collection of old photos. En samling fotografier fra 1900-1950 (ca), dvs. traditionelle tatoveringer, Flot samling, - 120 p -English - Milestone Publ 1990 - ISBN: 1-85265-100-8
Japansk Tattoo Institute: Japan's Tattoo Art Horiyoshi's World 2
Japanese luxury! Japanese text. Japansk luxus 
113 p - Keibuncha, 1987
JOEST, W.: Tätowieren, Narbenzeichnen und Körperbemalen.
? p. - German - Berlin 1887
JOHANSSON, Dean: Wearing Ink. The art of tattoo in New Zealand
96 p - English - David Bateman, Auckland 1994 - ISBN: 1 86953 109 4


KAKOULAS, Marisa: Black Tattoo Art - Modern expressions of the Tribal
PROBABLY THE FINEST BOOK ON TATTOO ART I have seen! This is really about Tattoo ART, and has nothing of the trivial junk that is the major filling of most books about tattooing! Fabulous photos, fine print and good text. Including an interview with Colin. Inspiring and a pride for any book collection. BIG book and very heavy.
536 p. English and German text. Edition-Reuss 2009 - ISBN: 978-3-934020-71-9
KAKOULAS, Marisha & Edgar Hoill: Black and Grey Tatto 1-3 NEW!
From Street Art to Fine Art. Probably the biggest work on tattoos More than 1000 pages, weighing 10 kg! Three books in a cassette. Fine works, but in my opinion the previous book is a lot more important. This is more 'normal' tattoo work of today.
1008 p. English,German and Spanish text. - Edition Reuss, Germany - ISBN: 978-3-934020-85-6
Keibunsha - Japan Tattoo Institute: Japanese Tattoo Ladies I
Keibunsha's usual outstanding luxury. Exquisite photos of tattooed women. Keibunshas sædvanlige overdådige udstyr, Flotte billeder af flot tatoverede kvinder, 
u.p. - Japanese - Keibunsha, Tokyo 1988
KEHR, Walter: Color full pain - tattoo piercing
Too much piercing. A few good tattoos, many bad. Black/white photos. NO text. Hardback. 
u.p. - Germany - Jackwerth Verlag, Köln, Germany - ISBN: 3-932117-24-7
KING, Michael: MOKO - Maori tattooing in the 20th century
Lovely book, trailing the last surviving women with original maori tattoos. Dejlig lille bog som efterforsker de sidste originale kvinder der var tatoverede maoris, fra 1972 
 u.p. -English - David Bateman, Auckland 1992 - ISBN: 1-86953-088-8
KITAMURA, Takahiro & Katie M.: Bushido - Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo -
Seems to be a very thorough and well researched investigation into the world of traditional Japanese Tattooing. Very good text and exclusive photos makes this THE book on Japanese tattooing! Explaining the basics. Much based on some of the best known of today's Japanese Tattoo Families.
157 p - English - A Schiffer Book, Atglen, PA, USA 2001 - ISBN: 0-7643-1201-4
KITAMURA, Takahiro: Tattooing from Japan to the West - Horitaka Interviews Contemporary Artists
The book explores the influence of Japanese tattooing styles into modern Western tattooing (mainly the USA).
160 p - English - Schiffer publishing, Atgen, USA 2005 - ISBN 0-7643-2123-4
KITAMURA, Takahiro: Tattoos of the Floating World - Ukiyo-e motifs in the Japanese tattoo.
A very interesting look at the traditions of Japanese tattoos and their relation to the woodblock prints. Relating much to one Japanese tattoo 'family' - Horiyshi III
120 p - English - Hotei Publ. Amsterdam, 2003 - ISBN: 90-74822-45-2
KOVACS, Akos: Forrás
Hungarian Magazine with article (in Hungarian) on tattooing in prisons. Photos. Ungarnsk tidsskrift m, artikel om tatovering mange fotos af fængselstatoveringer 
144 + - Hungarian - Forras 1982
KOVACS, Akos: Tetovalt Stalin
Hungarian book (in Hungarian). With Russian prison tattoo designs. Ungarsk bog om tatoveringer m, russiske tatoverings-tegninger, engelsk oversættelse 
244 p - Hungarian - Kovacs 1989 - ISBN: 963- 481-6568
KRAKOW, Amy: Total Tattoo Book
Den påstår at være - It claims to be: Everything you always wanted to know about tattooing. 
225 p - English - Warner Books 1994 - ISBN: 0-446-67001-4
KRUTAK, Lars: Kalinga Tattoo NEW!
Ancient and Modern Expression of the Tibal
VERY fine book about the taattooing tradition of the Kalinga people of the Philippines. There is also a chapter about a woman who is doing the tattoos in the ancient way. Again a super quality book from Edition Reuss
424 p - English, German and Spanish text - Edition Reuss, Germany - ISBN: 978-3-934020-86-3
KRUTAK, Lars: Magical Tattoos NEW!
Entire title: Spiritual Skin: Magical Tattoos and Scarification. Wisdom. Healing. Shamanistic Power. Protection.
Very big and fine book about the shamanistic side of tattooing.  Colin is in it.
400 s - English and Ger man text - Edition Reuss, Germany - ISBN: 978-3-943105-11-7
KRUTAK, Lars: The Tattooing Arts of Tribal Women NEW!
A fine book about historical practices, focusing on women from all parts of the world. Fine illustrations.
282 p - English - Bennett & Bloom, London, 2003 - ISBN: 978-1-898948-75-5
KWIATKOWSKI, P.F.: The Hawaiian Tattoo
A leaflet book about the history and designs of the Hawaiian tattoo. Lavishly illustrated by Tom O'o Mehau and photos. 
60 p - Halona Inc. Kohala, Hawaii 1996 - ISBN: 0-9655756-0-8


LAUTMAN, Victoria: New Tattoo, The
Fine photos. American tattoos. Flot fotobog med amerikanske tatoveringer. 
120 p - English - Abbeville Press, New York 1994 - ISBN: 1-55859-785-9
LEE; Adrian: Suits made to fit  
Exhibition catalogue for an exhibition in San Jose, California and Osaka, Japan. Contains drawings of full body suits by the NS (New School) Collective of tattoo artists. Book in cassette with dvd from the exhibition
111 p - English - Last Gasp, Los Angeles 2004 - No ISBN
LÉVY, Gerard & Serge Bramly: Fleurs de Peau - Skin Flowers
The photographic work of a dermatologist in Lyons (France) in the Thirties, presented by Gérard Lévy and Serge Bramly
Not the best photos of the best tattoos, but something out of history!
103 p - English - Kehayoff, Munich, London, New York - ISBN: 3-929078-73-2
LIGHT, D.W.: Tattooing Practices of the Cree Indians
24 p - English - Glenbow Alberta Institute, 1972
LINDAUER, Gottfried: His Life and Maori Art
BIG book with reprints of his exceptionally fine paintings of the maori and their tattoos. Printed on cloth-like paper. 
52 p - English - Collins publ., Auckland, New Zealand, 1985 - ISBN: 0 00 217577 0
LINDSAY, Charles: Mentawai Shaman: Keeper of the Rain Forest
Another book that is not really a tattoo book, but it shows a lot of tattoos and tattooing being done among this fabulous tribe in the  Indonesian Jungle on the Siberut Island. 
120 p. - English - Phaidon, London, 1992 - ISBN: 0 7148 2842 4
LLOYD, L.C.: Face Value - A study in Maori Portraiture
Little catalogue for exhibition in New Zealand. Katalog til en vandreudstilling i New Zealand i 1975. 
u.p. - English - - Dunedin Publ. Art Gallery. N.Z. 1975
LUCAS, Don: The Father of American Tattooing - Franklin Paul Rogers
Biography on one of the Great in modern tattoo history. En biografi om en af de helt store i moderne tatovering. 
96 p. - English - Lucas Enterprises, New Orleans 1990 -


MADAME CHINCHILLA: Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed 
A book with many black/white Photographs, telling the story mainly about the "classic" tattoos 1900-1960's. Madame Chinchilla cooperates with C.W.Eldridge and the Tattoo Archive.
90 p - Isadore Press, USA 1997 - ISBN: 0-9602600-1-3
MARQUARDT, Carl: Tattooing of Both Sexes in SAMOA
Reprint of classic german book from 1899. With English translation. Genoptryk af tysk bog fra 1899. Med engelsk oversættelse. 
31+ p - German & English - R.McMillan, Papakura 1984
McCabe, Michael: Japanese tattooing now - Memory and transition 
From classic Horimono to the new One Point Style. As of 2005.
176 p - English - Schiffer Books, Atglen, PA, 2005 - ISBN 0-7643-2142-0
McCABE, Michael: New York City Tattoo.
The Oral History of an Urban Art. Old timer tattooists of the City tells their stories. Illustrated with early 1900 designs and photos. Fine history book.
136 p. Hardy Marks Publ. 1997. ISBN: 0-945367-20-1
McCabe, Michael: Tattooing New York City - Style and continuity in a changing art form 
The book is exploring how the "traditional" tattoos like hearts and roses, etc is taken up by today's tattoo artists and focuses exclusively on what is going on in New York.
159 p - Shiffer Books, USA, 2001 - ISBN: 0-7643-1388-6
McCABE; Michael: Tattoos of Indochina - Magic, devotion & protection
A cultural look on tattooing in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos
160 p - English - Schiffer Books, USA 2002 - ISBN: 0-7643-1679-6
MEAD. Margaret: The Tattooing Complex
Photocopy reprint in binder of her 1928 book from Tattoo Archive. - English.
MIFFLIN, Margot: Bodies of Subversion - A secret History of Women and Tattoo 
A first try to tell the womens History of Tattoo, though only America in the 20th century. Both about the female tattooists and tattooed women.
183 p - English - Juno Press 1997 - ISBN: 1-890451-00-2
MILLER, Jean-Chris: The BodyArt Book
A complete, illustrated guide to Tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications.
This is a typical American idea. The pretend to cover every aspect, but of course that is impossible, and they end up with a lot of almost rights. This book is only for the very first-timers. And since it tries to cover even the silly, it is not even recommendable to anybody
181 p. - English - Berkley Books, New York 1997 - ISBN 0-425-15985-X
MISSER, Kristian: Inside the Tattoo Circus
A book about tattooing today around the world. First chapter is about COLIN & ERIK and their historic approach on tattooing.
208 p. - English - Schiffer Books, USA - ISBN 978-0-7643-3145-9
MORSE, Albert L.: The Tattooists
American book presenting some of the tattooists of the seventies. 
128 p - English - A.L. Morse 1977 - ISBN: 0-918320-01-1


NANCKE-KROGH, Søren: Kunsten på Kroppen
Danish text. Catalogue, used at exhibition. Katalog brugt v, udstilling i Nicolaj Kirke 
72 p - Nikolaj - KKU 1985 - ISBN: 87-88860-00-0
NELEMAN, Hans: Moko - Maori Tattoo
A very fine photobook of today's Maori Moko. The tradition has seen an upsurge in modern New Zealand.
144 p - English - Edition Stemmle, Zürich 1999 - ISBN: 3-908161-96-1
NICHOLAS, Anne: Art of the New Zealand Tattoo
Very fine tattoos from New Zealand. Meget flotte tatoveringer fra NZ. 
135 p - English - Tandem Press, NZ 1994 - ISBN: 0-908884-45-1
NORDSTRØM, Jon: Dansk Tatovering/Danish Tattooing
Meget fin bog som gennemgår den danske tatoveringshistorie fra sidst på 1800-tallet til ca 1980. Gennemillustreret.
Very fine book about Danish Tattoo History from late 1800 to about 1980's. Thoroughly illustrated.
296 p. Danish & English text. Nordstroms, Copenhagen 2009. ISBN: 978-87-99310-0
NORDSTRØM, Jon: Nordic Tattooing - Nordic tattooists & their drawings NEW!
Contains a collection of classic design sheets and a short presentation of their designers
320 p - Danish & English text - Nordstroms, Copenhagen - 2011 . ISBN: 978-87-993150-2-4
O'HANLON, Michael: Reading the Skin
Adornment, Display and society among the Wahgi - an African tribe. En afrikansk stamme og betydningen af deres kropsbemaling. 
164 p - English - British Museum Publications 1989 - ISBN: 0-7141-1596-7
O'SULLIVAN, Tim : Exposé The art of Tattoo
Fine photos from the Expo in Dunstable 1991. Flotte fotografier fra Dunstable Expo i 1991. 
96 p - English - Robinson, London 1993 - ISBN: 1-85487-224-9
OSTERUD, Amelia Klem: The Tattooed Lady NEW!
A History - mainly about the sideshow tattooed women in the early 1900's. This is one of the better books about this subject.
154 p - hardback - English - Speck Press, Colorado, USA -2009 - ISBN: 13-978-1-933108-26-1
OETTERMANN, Stephan: Zeichen auf der Haut
Die Geschichte der Tätowierung in Europa. German language. 
131 p - Taschen 1994 - ISBN: 3-434-46221-X
OETTERMANN, Stephan: Tecken på Huden
Tatueringens europeiska historia - svensk udgave af ovenstående bog - Swedish edition of abovementioned 
191 p. - Swedish - Brutus Östling, Stockholm, 1995 - ISBN: 91-7139-280-7
OTTINO-Garanger, Pierre et Marie-Noëlle: Te Patu Tiki - Le Tatouage aux Îles Marquises
A very fine and thorough book in French.
303 p - French - CH.Gleizal editeur - 1998 - ISBN: 2-913486-00-2


Pacific Evenements: Tattooage
A nice book with fine texts and illustrations about tattooing in all of  Polynesia. Collected and published in Tahiti. It is published both in a French and an English edition.
u.p. - English (or French) - Pacific Evenements, Mahina, Tahiti 1999 - No ISBN.
PALEARI, Fabio: The Leu Family's Family Iron
A big book about one of the most famous tattoo families, because of all their traveling and participating in a lot of conventions.
219 p - English - Trolley, London 2003 - ISBN: 0-9542648-0-0
Paul Rogers Tattoo Research Center: Flash from the Past
A small book published as a catalogue in connection with an exhibition in Texas
107 p - English - Hardy Marks Publications, 1994 - ISBN: 0-9453687-13-9

PIERRAT, Jérôme & Eric Guillon: Les Hommes Illustrés - Le tatouage des origines á nos jours 
Unusually extensive History of Tattooing from all over the world, with an exceptional collection of historical and modern photos. This is a MUST HAVE book for the serious. It ought to be translated into other languages. But even if you do not read French, the illustrations are very lavish, and well worth it.
240 p - French - Editions Lariviére, 2000 - ISBN: 2 907 051 96 2

POLHEMUS, Ted : Bodystyles
Modern book about modern people. En moderne bog om moderne mennesker, I stil med tidsskriftet: Body Art. 
144 p - English - Lennard Publ 1988 - ISBN: 1-85291-008-9
RAINIER,  Chris: Ancient Marks - The sacred origins of Tattoos and Body Marking
Fine book.
203 p - English - Earth Aware Editions - 2004 - ISBN: 1-932771-75-1
RICHIE, Donald & Ian Buruma: The Japanese Tattoo
Classic book on Japanese Tattooing. En klassisk bog om japansk tatovering, 
115 p - English - Weatherhill 1982 - ISBN: 0-8348-0149-3
RICHTER, Stefan: Tattoo
Big photobook. 
158 p - English - . Quartet Book 1985 - ISBN: 0-7043-2536-5
RIEFENSTAHL, Leni: People of Kau
Exceptionally fine photos of this African Tribe and their bodypainting. Special chapter on their art of tattooing - scarification, also unusually good. Originally from 1976. - English 
224 p. - Harvill, London 1997 - ISBN: 1 86046 301 0
RIRIA, Ko Te & David Simmons: Maori Tattoo
Overview of the different styles and designs. Lille oversigt over de forskellige mønstre etc i Maori tatoveringerne 
95 p - English - The Bush Press, Auckland 1989 - ISBN: 0-908608-49-7
ROBINSON, Julian: The quest for Human Beauty - An Illustrated History
Covers all aspects from fashion to tattoos and body modification
256 p - English - W.W.Norton, New York, 1998 - ISBN: 0-393-04004-6
ROBLEY, Major-General: MOKO; or Maori Tattooing
Photographic reprint of THE book from 1896 on Maori tattooing. 
216 p - English - Southern Reprints, 1987, 1896
ROLLING STONE (Magazine (ed)): Tattoo Nation - Portraits of Celebrity Body Art.
Another book that mainly proves that celebrities does not necessarily have any taste beyond their own field of art (here: Music). 
u.p. - English - Bullfinch Press, Boston - ISBN: 0-8212-2781-5
RONDINELLA, G. : The Sign Upon Cain
Italian book in English. Very good. 
190 p - Alterocca 1985
RUBIN, Arnold: Marks of Civilization
Artistic Transformations of the Human Body. The best book on ethnic and historic tattooing. Meget god om tatoveringer rundt om. 
279 p - English - Museum of Cult,History, California 1988
RUDENKO, Sergei I.: Frozen Tombs of Siberia - The Pazyryk Burials of Iron-Age Horsemen
The report of the findings of the Scythian burials. Including exceptionally fine and well preserved tattooed man. Thorough chapter on the tattoos. 
340 p + - English - J.M.Dent & Sons, London, 1970 - ISBN: 460 07715 5
RUTS, Oliver & Andrea Schuler: Living Picture Books
Portraits of a Tattooing Passion 1878-1952. Remembered and Photographed by Herbert Hoffmann.
Photographic and written portraits of tattooed people, born between 1878 and 1952, and tattooed in the early part of the 1900. Fine and interesting book.
280 p - German and English text - Memorabilia Pulp, Berlin 2002 - ISBN: 3-929670-34-8
RYCHLIK, Martin: Tetovani, skarifikace a jine zdobeni tela    
TATTOO - Comprehensive history of an ancient art worldwide - prehistory (Ötzi, Egypt, Pazyryk), ethnographic areas (Dayak, Maori, Marquesas, Indians, Eskimo, Africa etc.), Cook's voyages, modern times & celebrities. About 200 pix.
Czech language - ISBN 80-7106-780-6, 348 pages, 200 pix, published by NLN in Prague 2005


SAILOR JERRY: Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash
Photographic reprint of some of his classic flash. Fotografiske optryk af Sailor Jerry's tegninger. Volume ONE. Klassisk. 
61 p English - Hardy Marks 1996 - ISBN: 0-945367-18-X
SANDERS, Clinton R. : Customizing the Body
The Art and Culture of tattooing. Very good sociological survey on tattooing. 
220 p - English - Temple Univ, Press Philadelphia 1989 - ISBN: 0-87722-575-3
SAPIER, Edward: Hupa Indian Tattooing
Leaflet from Tattoo Archive 
8 p - English - Tattoo Archive (1936)
SCHIFFMACHER, Henk : 1000 Tattoos
Small but fat book. Classic and modern photos from Hanky Panky's collection. Contains among others, three works by Erik. 
704 p - German, English, French - Taschen 1996 - ISBN: 3-8228-8592-4
SCHIFFMACHER, Henk: De Grote Borneo Expeditie
A personal story of two friends' trip to the Borneo Jungle, and the people there and their tattoos. Written entirely in Dutch, except a photocopy of Anthony Kiedis' handwritten diary.
178 p. - Dutch - De Arbeiterspers, Amsterdam 1996 - ISBN: 90-295-3797-3
SCHIFFMACHER, Henk : Heet van de Naald
Hanky Panky's memoirs. In Dutch! Hanky Panky's erindringer om hans rejser, hvordan han blev tatovør, Hell's Angeles, etc. Hollandsk. 
190 p - Dutch - Uitgevereij De Arbeiterspers, A 1991 - ISBN: 90 295 3796 5
SCHIFFMACHER, Henk: Encyclopedia for the Art of Tattooing NEW!
A fat lexicon about large and small in the world of tattoo. Also one small entry about Erik under R. Many fine illustrations.
4491+ p - English, Carrera, Holland, 2010 - ISBN: 978-90-488-0318-7
SCHMIDT, Henning: Tatoveringer
Little Danish book on tattooing. Kulturhistoriske, kunstneriske og medicinske aspekter 
53 p - Danish - Løvens Kemiske fabrik, Kbh. 1967
SCHUSTER, Carl & Edmund Carpenter: Patterns that Connect
Social Symbolism in Ancient & Tribal Art. Exceptional book, searching the connection between patterns from all over the world. Undersøger sammenhængen mellem grundmønstre over hele verden. Ikke mindst tatoveringer! 
317 p English - Abrams, New York 1996 ISBN: 0-8109-6326-4
SCUTT, R.W.B. and GOTCH, Christopher: Art, Sex and Symbol
The Mystery of Tattooing. Classic book. 
211 p - English - Cornwall Book 1986 - ISBN: 0-8453-4756-X
SIMMONS, D.R. - Auckland Museum: Ta Moko
The Art of Maori Tattoo 
183 p - English - Reed Methven Publ 1986 - ISBN: 0-474-00044-3
Skalk No 4, 1969
Magazine with article on Scythian tattooing. Tidsskrift Skalk Nr, 4 1969 Tidsskrift - Nyt om gammelt m, artikel af Søren Nanche-Krogh om hans tatoveringer 
30 p - Danish - Skalk 1969
SLOSS, Andy: The Celtic Body Art Book  
A small box containing kits for do it yourself body paint with some celtic designs in a small leaflet. Only for kids.
72 p. Carlton. London 1999. ISBN: 1-85868-597-4
SPAMER, Adolf: Die Tatowierung
Die Tatowierung in den deutschen Hafenstädten. German text. 
140 p - Trickster Verlag 1993 - ISBN: 3-923804-69-5
SPAULDING, Huck : Tattooing A to Z
A guide to Successful Tattooing 
141 p - English - Spaulding and Rogers 1988 - ISBN: 092-9719-00-X
St.CLAIR, Leonard & Alan B.Govenar: Stoney knows How
"Life as a Tattoo Artist" The biography of an Amarican Old Timer 
152 p - English - University Press of Kentucky, 1981 - ISBN 0-8131-1402-0
STEINEN, Karl von den: Die Marquesaner und ihre Kunst
Studien Über die Entwicklung primitiver Südseeornamentik. Nach eigenen Reiseergebnissen und dem Material der Museen. 3 Bande.
Mit einer Geschichte der Inselgruppe und einer vergleichenden Einleitung über den polynesischen Brauch.
Mit 215 Abbildungen. Darunter zahlreichen Originalzeichnungen der Tatauiermeister, nebst zwei kartenskizzen.
Probably the best ever book on this subject! German text. Published by Dietrich Reimer in Berlin 1925.
STEUR, Patricia: Rock Star Tattoo encyclopedia
About tattoos in the world of rock and roll. Om tatoveringer i rockverdenen, Diverse stjerners stjernetatoveringer, Ikke noget videre
96 p - English - Plastic 1982 - ISBN: 90-6618-509-0
STEVENSON, Diane K.: Tattoos - Coloring the Human Canvas
A mini book with good text and illustrations. Only 8x10 cm. But 80 pages!
- Andrews & McMeel, Kansas, USA, 1996. - ISBN: 0-8362-1523-0
SUDO, Masato: Japansk Tatuering
Small exhibition catalogue in Swedish. Udstillingskatalog for Östasiatiska Museet 
16 p - Swedish - Östasiatiska Museet 1986
SUDO, Masato: Ransho, Japanese Tattoo
Exceptionally fine photos. Tapanese text. Bogen som dannede grundlag for udstillingen på Louisiana 1985 
143 p -Japanese - Japansk 1985 - ISBN: 09-680291-3
SVENSSON, Birgitta: Tauering Et sinnligt äventyr 
Meget god og grundig gennemgang af hvem, hvad og hvorfor. Den kommer godt omkring. Very good and thorough book.  
192 p - Swedish - Nordiska Museet, 1998 - ISBN: 91 71084304


TAKAGI, Akimitsu: Japanese Tattoo Ladies (2)
Volume 2 in Japan Tattoo Institute series. Exquisite. Bind to i Japan Tattoo Institutes serie om flot tatoverede kvinder,
112 p - Japanese - Keibunsha, Tokyo 1991 - ISBN: 4-905848-16-5
TAKUMI : Tattoo of Horicho
Japanese luxury. Japanese text. Japansk Luxus 
175 p - Japanese - Keibunsha 1988
TATTOO ARCHIVE: US Tattoo Machine Patents & Related Ones.
Collection of photocopies from the Tattoo Archive. English
TATTOinc.: Presents Tatto Expo 86
Catalogue for the FIRST of the expos. Katalog 
u.p. - English - Hammersmith Palais 1986
TATTOO INTERNATIONAL: Tidsskrift nr 83 - 117
Magazine. Udgivet af Tattoo Club of Great Britain, INDBUNDET 1992, Nr 104 rummer første artikel om mig, 
u.p. - English - TCGB - Tattoo International 1993
Tattoo Revue (D): Jahrbuch europäischer Tätowierer 1997
Two pages to present each of some of the tattooists of Europe. Good grief! Med to sider til hver, præsenteres en række af Europas tatovører. O suk o rædsel. 
360 p - Flamingo Edizioni 1997
TAYLOR, Edith S. & William J.Wallace: Mohave tattooing and Face-painting
Southwest Museum Leaflet 
13 p - English - Southwest Museum 1947.
THÉVOZ, Michael: The Painted Body. The Illusions of Reality
A general book on body decoration. 
138 p - English - Rizzoli International Publ 1984 - ISBN: 0-8478-0539-5
THOMAS, Nicholas, Anna Cole and Bronwen Douglas: Tattoo - Bodies, Art and Exchange in the Pacific and the West 
"This historically rigorous and theoretically nuanced collection of essays is indispensable to students of world systems of art and culture" (from the back of the book)
252 p - English - Reaktion Books, London 2005, -  ISBN: 1 86189 225 x
TUTTLE, Lyle: Tattoo 70
Leaflet about American tattooing in 1970 
28 p - English - Private publ. 1970


UBEKENDT - Unknown: Japanske Tatoveringer - Japanese tattoos
Photos of some persons in a slightly pornographic play. Japanese text. Samme personer Let pornografisk 
u.p. - Japanese - Japansk (Keibunsha) 1983
UBEKENDT - Unknown: Japanese Tattoo History. - Tatoveringens historie på Japansk
Japanese text. Hardly any photos. 
u.p.- Keibunsha 1987
van DINTER, Maarten Hesselt: Tribal Tattoo Design  
Small book packed with traditional design from all over the world. A must for the serious collector.
336 p. - English - Shambhala, Boston, USA, 2000 - ISBN: 1-57062-556-5
van DINTER, Maarten Hesselt: The World of Tattoo - An illustrated History 
One of the best researched and illustrated histories of tattooing that we have seen so far! - A MUST for the serious.
304 p - English - KIT publishing (Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam), Holland - ISBN: 90 6832 192 7
VASILJEV, Sergej: Zone - Fotografien aus den Straflagern Russlands
Many photos of tattoos. A sad book. Rummer også flere tatoveringer. Trist 
87 p - German - Ex Pose Verlag 1994 - ISBN: 3 925 935 21 5
VIREL, André: Decorated Man - The human body as Art
122 p.- English - H.N.Abrams, New York 1979
VISSER, Dr.M.W. de: The Dragon in China and Japan
Not really a tattoo book, but certainly one of the best explanations about dragons and their meaning, that I have ever read. Written in 1913.
243 p. - English, but published by Johannes Möller in Amsterdam 1913 as "Verhandelingen der Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenshappen te Amsterdam. Afdeeling Letterkunde. Nieuwe Reeks. Deel XIII no. 2"


WARLICH, Christian : Tätowierungen
Die bibliophilen Taschenbücher Vorlagealbum des Königs der Tätowierer Classic tattoo flash in a small book. German.
99 p - German - Harenberg 1987 - ISBN: 3-88379-277-2
WARNECK, Igor and Björn Ulbrich (hrsg.): Tribal Tattoo - the tribe of the tribals 
A very fine and essential photobook that explores the tribal tattoo as a phenomenon in history and all over the world. Well researched and illustrated with a lot of original materials. There is also a full chapter with an interview with Erik Reime!
160 p - German - Arun verlag, Germany, 2000 - ISBN: 3-927940-62-3
WEBB, George "Doc": The Honest Skin Game 
Doc Web was active in USA from the 1930's to 1980's, and this is his memoirs, written in the 1970's. 
70 pages photocopies. Published by Tattoo Archive 1991.
WEBB, Spider: The Big Book of Tattoo
A brick of a book with a big collection of really old photos of tattoos of the times. Mainly American.
512 p - English - Schiffer Books, USA, 2002 - ISBN: 0-7643-1560-9
WEBB, Spider: Pushing Ink 
A reissue of a book from 1979. Spider Webb's classic book to fight to legalize the art of tattooing.
191 p - English - Sciffer Books, USA, 2002 - ISBN: 0-7643-1539-0
WEBB, Spider : Tattoed Women
Epigrams-Oscar Wilde Introduction-Annie Sprinkle. Older photos. 
140 p - English - Hamilton Printing 1982
WONSBEK, Malene og Jens Bach: Kropsudsmykning - Tatovering og piercing 
Beregnet på de sidste klassetrin. Fortæ¦ller bredt om hvad man skal være opmærksom på inden man kaster sig ud i det. Danish book meant for the last stages in school. Tells what to be avare of. One chapter about Lea with the fantastic dragon by Erik.  Danish.
48 p - Forlaget Tilsted, 1998 - ISBN: 87-986925-1-8
WOOD, Steven : Tattooed Cat
One person's obsession with his cat (and his cat tattoos) Om en enkelt person og hans besættelse af katte som han også har tatoveret. 
96 p - English - Joseph Tabler, San Diego 1993 - ISBN: 0-9910330-6-1
WROBLEVSKI, Chris : A Head of his Time
A fine and humorous celebration of an unusual man. En flot hyldest til 'Hulle-Hans', en sæ¦rpræget personlighed. 
u.p - English - Skin Shows Publ. 1994
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: City Indians
One of Chris' earliest books. En af Chris' tidligste bøger. 
u.p. - English - Eichborn Verlag, Frankfurt 1983 - ISBN: 3-8218-1710-0
WROBLEWSKI, Chris : Classic Skin Shows
A walktrhrough of western tattoo history. Flot gennemgang af tatoveringens vestlige historie gennem tiderne. Mange af mine tatoveringer. 
200 p - English - Spaulding & Rogers 1995 - ISBN: 0-929719-01-8
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Modern Primitives. Von der ästhetik der Verweigerung
German book. 
64 p - German - Verlag C, Brandstätter 1988 - ISBN: 3-85447-303-6
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Photographs by Chris Wroblewski 1979-1985
Black and white photos. 
59 p - English - Adrenalin Publ 1985
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Skin Show, The art & craft of Tattoo
The first of the Skin Show series. Chris' første flotte bog. Satte international standard.
 69 p - English - Dragon's Dream 1981 - ISBN: 0 8256 9568 6
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Skin Shows - The Art of Tattoo
- 97 p - English - Virgin Books 1989 - ISBN: 0-86369-272-9
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Skin Shows 4
One of his best. Focus on Thailand and Samoa. En af de bedre som focuserer på thailands og samoriansk tato 
112 p - English - Virgin 1995 - ISBN: 0-86369-948-0
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Skin Shows III
Lots of old clips and cuttings. And New. Mange gamle udklip, flotte tatoveringer af Alex og Ian mm, 
132 p - English - Virgin, London 1993 - ISBN: 0-86369-677-5
WROBLEWSKI, Chris & Heide Heim: Skin Shows 6 
Contains many interesting historical pictures - and some freaks.
No pagination. Privately published, 1997. No ISBN
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Tatto Art. - Tätowierte Frauen, Skin Fantasies on Tattooed Women
German and English. 
u.p. - C, Brandstätter 1985 - ISBN: 3-85447-134-3
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Tattoo - Pigments of Imagination
u.p. - English - Virgin Books 1987 - ISBN: 0-86369-2109
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Tattoo Art, Tatowierte Frauen
Early book. German text. Only women. Tysk tekst, Tidlig Wroblewski bog, Kun kvinder, 
u.p. - Christian Brandstätter 1985 - ISBN: 3-85447-134-3
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Tattooed Women
Has many of Erik's tattoos. Rummer bl,a, flere af mine ting - Bella, Marion, Musling, Betina og Lene 
109 p - English - Virgin, London 1992 - ISBN: 0-86369-524-8
WROBLEWSKI, Chris: Tattooed Women Two
Some of mine. Med bl.a. Annett, Soffi, Christina og Betina 
u.p. - English - Skin Show Publ. 1994


ZANDER, Charlotte (Museum): Tattoo 
A museum catalogue of classic sailor tattoos from Rosie Camanga, Don Ed Hardy and Sailor Jerry Collins. Good reproductions. German text.
64 p - German - Museum Charlotte Zander, Wachter Verlag, Scloss Bönnigheim, 1997 - ISBN: 3-926318-28-7
ZEIS, Milton H.: School of Tattooing
Reprint by Tattoo Archive. Lots of material from 1950s 
u.p. - English - Tattoo Archive 1984
ZEIS, Milton H.: Tattooing the World Over
A leaflet from 1947! 
20 p - English - Zeis, Illinois, 1947
ZEIS, Milton H.: Tattooing the World Over second ed.
A small leaflet from 1951. 
38 p - English - Zeiz, Illinois 1951.

NOVELS & Short Stories
with Tattoos and Tattooing as a special feature.

BRADBURY, Ray: The Illustrated Man
One of the most famous of short stories. Has also been translated to film. Contained in several collections.
FERDERSPIEL, Jörg: Lystens Geografi
En moderne fabel om rigmanden som investerede i at tatovere den underskønne Lauras balder. Oversat fra tysk: Geographie der Lust. - 181 p - Danish - Klim, Ŧrhus, 1990 - ISBN: 87-7724-132-0
HALLERAKER, Marvin: Freddy
An illustrated children's book about a tattooed man who gets bought by a collector. Actually a stroy about what happens if you collect art and just puts it in a box. Quite cool.
32 p - ABC forlag, Denmark 2011 - ISBN: 9788779 161306
HAYS, Lee: Tattoo
"Every great love leaves it's mark" A novel with tattooing as a special background. - 182 p - Paperback - English - Pinnacle Books, New York, 1981 - ISBN 0-523-41703-9
HILDESHEIMER, Wolfgang: Westcotts glans og undergang.
Novelle (Short story) Fra "Ny tysk Prosa" redigeret af Poul Borum og Inger Christensen.
IRVING; John: Until I find you 
A fun novel about a young man (who grows up) and his mother in search of his father. His mother is a tattoo artist, so the search moves through a lot of tattoo environments in the 1970's Scandinavia, Amsterdam and Northern America. The author's investigations led him among many other places through Kunsten på Kroppen.
824 p - English (translated into many languages) - Bloomsbury, London 2005. ISBN 0 7475 7990 3 (and many other publishers.
KILWORTH, Garry: In the Country of Tattooed Men 
A collection of Short Stories of which the title story has tattooing as a theme.
224 p - English - Paperback - Grafton Books, Great Britain 1993. ISBN 0 586 21498 4.
NIGHTINGALE, Carol: The Tattoo Baron
A novella of Tragedy and Comedy. About the American Old Timer tattoos. - 45 p - Leaflet - English - Private publ. 1979

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