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Photos of tattoos,
and presentation of:
Kai Uwe Faust
Patricia Campos
Marcus Hammer

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Articles in
Newspapers & Magazines

Some articles about Kunsten på Kroppen that you can read here:

Abot Kai in a Polish Tattoomagazine - Tatuaz no 45, 2013. The text is in Polish, but there are many fine photos. Get it in pdf here. Please note that the file is 65 MB.

ARTEMYZ, Claire: Article in French magazine Tatouage Magazine No 48 Janvier/Février 2006 about Erik and Colin in Lejre 2005
            And in German:
Tätovier Magazine März 03/2006  -  You may read the original article here (in German!) And here in French.

         And in Dutch: Tattoo Planet - Februari-Maart # 23 (2007) And the original article is here in Dutch.
         And about Colin in Tatouage Magazine no 56 Mai/juin 2007 in French.

Frederiksborg Amts Avis 14.5.2007  (Danish)
Ringkjøbing Amts Dagblad 27.2.2006   (Danish)
Jyllandsposten 9. oktober 2005   (Danish)
Art Access - Seattle June 2002   (English) 
Jyllandsposten 19.juli 1999  
Stud Vest - Studenterblad i Bergen - 24 november 1999   (Norwegian)
Arbeiderbladet 16. juli 1993 (Norsk)
Scanorama SAS' Magazine 1991 (English)

BOLTON, Gambier: Article in The Strand Magazine, England February 1887 No 73
General History. Photocopied and distributed by Tattoo Archive

BROBY-JOHANSEN, Robert: Tatoveringer - I Hjemmets Søndag, 3.April 1938 (København).

GILBERG, Rolf: Naturlig eller Unaturlig (1): Tatovering. - I Jordens Folk, 9(2) s: 56-65 - 1973 (København)
Naturlig eller Unaturlig (2): Hudmaleriet. - I Jordens Folk, 9(3). s: 112-121 - 1973 (København)

GOVENAR, A.B.: Culture in Transition: The Recent growth of tattooing in America. - I Anthropos, 76 (?) 1981

KØBENHAVN 11 Maj 1896 Tatovering - om den nye "Mode" LÆS ARTIKLEN - READ THE ARTICLE

NANCKE-KROGH, Søren: Kunsten på Kroppen. Skalk (4) (Århus) 1969

NANCKE-KROGH, Søren: Den tatoverede Rose. Samvirke (København) 1985

NANCKE-KROGH, Sren: Tatovering, etnografisk set. Naturens Verden (11) 1971 - (København)

NANCKE-KROGH, Søren: Transportable "Helleristninger". Adoranten, Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art (Bromma) 1985

THESANDER, Marianne: "Dekoration som kropssprog". HUG nr. 65 årg. 14, 1995


Again I must say that if you know of any other major article about tattooing, please let me know, and I will put it on the list. It will be a great help for students of any kind, who is looking for information on this artform.

Send me an e-mail with your information - to:

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