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The story of Jan's dragon

Jan got a dragon with his daughters' names in runes late in July 2006, and shortly thereafter he wrote the following:

Today is 14 days since the dragon in my arm came out and showed it's face.

The first 6-7 days the arm was just a bit sore and it hardly itched, and I thought: "ha! Everybody says it itches, but this is not so bad".

I got wiser the day after! J

In the morning it felt a bit like a whole swarm of mosquitoes had settled on my arm and celebrated their midday feast. The scabs were about to loosen and a surprising lot fell of in the shower, and I wondered if anything was left? A bit irrational thought, but it was there anyway. :-)

This did of course not happen, and after applying a lavish rub of cream, I could after a while see what the dragon would look like after the "slough of the skin".

During the next week it itched now and then, and every time I remembered what you said: "When it itches, scratch around it", and I wondered: "What is Around"? But I resisted the temptation and today, 14 days later, it is almost totally healed and looks fine on my arm.

My two daughters Sine and Sander of 13 and 14 seems pretty proud when they look at it, knowing that their names are part of it.

I saw you on TV both times the program was broadcast. It is fun to see the place and remember the shrunken head, the sculls, woodprints, and the rest including a Heerup (Danish artist). All these exciting things probably helps to distract you from the pain that  after all is part of the tattoo process. I have to admit that you were right when you said it is almost like a virus. I am actually already wondering if it shall not have a sister or brother. We will see, and I also have to save some money so I can outlive my plans at a later date.

One thing is for sure, I will come back and see you again.

Thank you for my beautiful dragon.



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