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The runic text from a rune-stone found at Glavendrup
at the Danish island Funen.

The Glavendrup-Stone from Skamby at Funen.

This stone is still standing on the spot where it was erected about 1100 years ago. It contains in all 50 words, and is thus the longest existing text on a Danish runestone.
It was erected by the woman Ragnhild in memory of her husband Alle, and the work was executed by the runecarver Sote.


There is three sides to the stone and the text above (which is what is in the tattoo) shows the runes. They read:

This may be interpreted as something like:
Ragnhild erected this stone in memory of Alle, who was a chief and a shaman and an honourable man.

This very old language, and subject to different interpretations by different historians, but the main content is pretty clear. The text continues on the other sides of the stone where more is told about the man and his family, and the runecarver Sote, who dedicated the whole thing to the god Thor.


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