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Hi Erik

In the spring of 2011you finished a tattoo on my back.

I just want you to know that I am very satisfied with your work, and all comments I get are always very positive.

I send you a series of photos that 'tells' the story from start to finish.

The tattoo is designed The design is finished The tattoo in progress
The outline finished Work in progress
Halfway there Christian's Tattoo

In my world the project took about 4 years from beginning to finish...

From the moment I knew I wanted my back tattooed, there was no doubt in my mind that you were the one to do it. The main ingredient should be one of your superfine dragons, but the final motif, the story behind it and the execution came over time.

Thus it was a great experience for me to see how you work with the different details.

There is a big deal of my thoughts and a great deal of your knowledge and insight that is today showing on my back.

Thank you for the cooperation.

Christian H.Nielsen



  I will happily receive mail at the address:

Kunsten på Kroppen
Rådhusstræde 15 - 1466 København K
+45 3314 4826