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The History of Tattooing
The Maoris - Tahiti - Samoa - Marquesas

has a very living tattoo tradition, where the old design motives and the old technique is being used even today.

Photo from National Geographic Magazine October 1985

The traditional Samoan pe'a is a tattoo that fills both thighs and down to just under or over each knee. All simple, bold designs, all close together.

On the photo above, you can see a tattoo being made. The tattoo artist beats the stick with the needles, and makes the design, while several helpers are stretching the skin, and keeping the person still.

Like that!
This fine it can be!
 Photo from the book "The Art of New Zealand
Tattoo" by Anne Nichols, New Zealand 1994

One of today's best known tattoo artists from Samoa, was Paolo Suluaepe, who lived 1950-1999.




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