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The History of Tattooing

In the mythology around the Cowboys and Indians in the times of "The Wild West", the Indians' war paint plays an important role. There is no doubt that the Indians also used body paint, but I am also pretty sure that some of this war "paint"  were actually tattoos. 

Unfortunately there does not exist that many photos of Native Americans with tattoos, but scroll down for one of them.
Click the photo if you want a larger version.

A woman from the Timucua tribe.

Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow - one of the "Four Indian Kings" who in 1710 traveled to London. They got very famous, and several times had their portraits painted.
Click the picture to see it enlarged.

Star That Travels.
He ws one of the Osage tribe, and there ar a few more photos from that tribe here.

In South America the art of tattooing was also very widespread. A lot of the Mayan mummies bear witness of that. Here is a picture of a hand from one of the mummies.

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