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Great quotations and funny sayings

  When the Nazis arrested the Communists,
I said nothing; after all, I was not a Communist.
When they locked up the Social Democrats,
I said nothing; after all, I was not a Social Democrat.
When they arrested the trade unionists,
I said nothing; after all, I was not a trade unionist.
When they arrested me, there was no longer anyone who could protest.

Martin Niemöller 1892-1984

A funny one:

The following sentence is true:
The previous sentence is false!


Is your job plagued by the evil demons of stupidity? dogb2.gif (2097 bytes)
dogb1.gif (1638 bytes) Out! Out! You demons of Stupidity!

From The cartoon Dilbert - by Scott Adams
And here is a link to The Dilbert Zone for more
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You understand life backwards -
but have to live it forwards


Abuse of Power
comes as no surprise


Love while you've got
Love to give
Live while you've got
Life to live



The Sayings of the Vikings
taken from a new translation by Björn Jónasson,
published by Gudrun, Iceland, 1996 - ISBN 9979-9070-1-0

Cattle die
kinsmen die
all men are mortal.
Words of praise
will never perish
nor a noble name.

(So, do care about how you will be remembered).
You can see a picture of a tattoo with the text here.


The brave and generous
have the best lives.
They're seldom sorry.
The unwise man
is always worried,
fears favours to repay.



Rise early
attend to work
if there is no helping hand.
The morning sleeper
has much undone.
The quick will catch the prize.

How to Preserve Friendship

Go you must.
No guest shall stay
in one place for ever.
Love will be lost
if you sit too long
at a friend's fire.


The first and second laws of "Runo-Dynamics":

For every runic inscription there shall be as many interpretations as there are interpreters.

If you don't understand it, it must be magic!

"Sir David Wilson"


This is rather a good quote, as it goes for so much else in the world of history and science.

 Here is a really cool video from YouTube, clearly inspired by the old Artvideo: Der Lauf der Dinge:

The quotations are from the following persons:

  1. Piet Hein - Danish poet & philosopher
  2. Jenny Holzer - American word artist & poet
  3. Søren Kierkegaard - Danish philosopher


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