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How do I care for my new tattoo? 

After we have finished a tattoo, we apply a layer of "liquid sealing" to it (sprayed on). It may sting a bit, but that passes soon. It just needs a few minutes to dry, before you put your clothes on again.

The liquid sealing will wear off by itself when you wash. Not to worry.

You may wash and shower as normal. The tattoo will not be harmed by soap and water - on the contrary.

Within a few days, a scab will form, that starts to peel off. Do not pick it! If you do pick it, you may remove some of the colour, and your tattoo will get white spots. This it of course a special problem with solid coloured tattoos.

It is fine to apply some crème or salve to the tattoo while the scab is on. It does not matter much what you use. Use whatever brand you normally have. Otherwise, in Denmark, we recommend the brand Helosan (or Bepanthen) or Aloe Vera lotion. But different people will prefer different stuff. What matters is to keep the wound moist and smooth, so it will not crack and drop off too soon. That might result in white spots.

Whenever the tattoo itches (during the healing process) - scratch around it! Or apply some salve to it - that soothes it as well.

Your skin is very sensitive just after you have had a new tattoo done, so avoid excessive sun for the first few weeks while it heals. This goes for artificial sun as well. If you stay/lay in the sun, keep the tattoo covered up.

Do not wear wool directly on the bare tattoo as long as it has not healed properly. The woolly hairs may penetrate the wound and cause an infection. If you wear wool (like in the winter), just wear something else underneath it. When the tattoo has healed, of course it is no longer a problem.

After a few weeks (this is very individual, how fast you heal up), the tattoo has healed, and you can enjoy it for the rest of your life!
Do remember that a tattoo is a living work of art. It will change over time. As you get older - your tattoo will get older. That is no problem.

We give no guarantee for how the tattoo may end. Even though it is very seldom that anything goes wrong, we have no influence on how YOU treat your tattoo or on how you react to it. All we can say is that WE do everything as good as we can - to give you the best.


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