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The summer this year was very warm and sunny this year, so we had a fine week at
"The Land of Legends"

Bilen pakket
We packed our little Polo solid with stuff we brought with us.

Det nye telt

Kai had just got a new tent that we could borrow. It was very nice with carved planks and small dragon heads.
We erected it just at the entrance of the Viking Market Place - Ravnebjerg.

Teltet tæt på


Mortens tatovering tegnes
Morten's tattoo drawn directly on his thigh

Mortens tatoo
Morten's tattoo was drawn after a circle of Thor's Hammers - where I let two of them
'broke the circle' to fit better. :-)

Here is the finished tattoo - a modern, classic tattoo svallow.
It was Patricia's first tattoo done without using a tattoo machine.

Renee's tatovering Renee's tatovering
Renee got a fine dragon on her arm. It took most of the day to finish. Including a red tongue, and a design in the body to match the Aegishjalmur she also got on the shoulder blade.

Et solhjul
A petroglyph sun wheel

En lille drage
And a small dragon with his daughters' names in runes: Freya and Frida

Wednesday evening, after closing of the Centre, all the citizens  of the different ages - Stone Age, Iron Age, Viking Age, and "Landbohuse" (middle 1800) met at the Market Place and shared a common meal. Everyone bringing food from their own age, and sharing it all. Our contribution was two big bowls of boiled apples.


1: 30 apples boiled with a little water, and added some honey, dried cranberries and cinnamon.
2: 30 apples and pears boiled with some water and honey added with raisins and water-mint.

Humbly I will claim that it tasted outstanding.

John serverer mad
John from Holland serving his share of the meal to eagerly waiting children from the Iron Age and Viking Age.

Fire vikingetids piger
Four girls from the Viking Age - Sara, Eva, Lea and Katinka

Jan Arnt from Holland was tattooed with a small flint stone.

I fuld gang
Here I am tattooing him Jan Arnts tatovering - Jagtscene
Jan Arnt's finished tattoo - a hunting scene from the Bronze Age.

Megans nye halskæde
Megan with her finished necklace.

Megans nye halskæde


Sara 11 with the chieftain's cloak.
Sara i høvdingekappen

And here is Eva

Et afslappet øjeblik
A relaxed moment with woodcarving

Interviewes af Thor Olav
Interviewed by Thor Olav for the Norwegian weekly: Vi Menn

Ungerne tegner
The children drawing tattoos

Lea spiller fløjte
Eva's friend, Lea playing the flute

Leger med kul
Katinka and Sara playing with charcoal, grinded for use as tattoo colour.
Sara og Katinka

Sacrificing of a child from the Iron Age
in the Sacrificial Bog

Offeret forberedes
I prepared a boy who was to be sacrificed next day in the Sacrificial Bog.
He got a big Thor's Hammer "tattooed" on the chest.

Offerpræsten Here the village shaman is preparing the sacrifice.

The boy is made ready for sacrifice - here with a flower garland

Drengen gøres klar
Lagt på båren  The boy was placed on a stretcher.
The Thor's Hammer is clearly visible.
And then he was carried to the Bog Båren bæres

Here the procession is on the way

På vej Through the wood
The stretcher is coming   Båren kommer

Fremme ved offerstedet And here they arrive at the sacrificial place.


Offerpræsten The shaman talking to the people

                           and to the gods  Og til guderne

Offerkniven præsenteres The sacrificial knife presented

The boy's head being chopped off! Der hugges

Hovedet smides i mosen and his head thrown into the bog

 Here the chopped of head is lying in the bog Hovedet i mosen

Landsbyen jubler
The village is cheering - it was a good offering!
We hope the gods are satisfied.

People returned to the village, and celebrated the rest of the evening and night.







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