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Lejre 2012

Here are some fine photos from this year's week, doing historical tattooing at Lejre:

Årets telt
This year we set up our tattoo workshop in the middle of the market place. That worked fine
and we got a good workspace.
Hyggeligt telt

Karsten Scherner
Soon I was working on Karsten who came all the way from Germany, only to get a new tattoo here in Lejre!

Karsten's own petroglyphs
He has made the design himself, and his other arm was done by me 3-4 years ago
Karsten's arms

Rebekka fra Odense
Rebekka got a pair of dragons encircling her one leg
Rebekka 3
Rebekka 1Rebekka 2Rebekka 4Rebekka 5

Morten tatoveres
Morten got a new tattoo - by now a good tradition!
Mortens tatovering


Marcus og Eva musicerer
We also had time to play, and here is Eva and Marcus making music on our funny flutes.

Eva i vikingetøj
A fine Viking girl

Maria tatoveres
Maria and Eske tattooed
Marias tatovering
Oh to dance!
Dragens styrke
The dragon gives you strength - when I have done it!


Børnene tegnes
One evening we left for the Iron Age, where I drew tattoos on all the children
Sol tegnes
Her name was Sol (Sun), so of course she got a sun sign

Hele flokken tegnet
All the children of the village - and Maria and Eske

Eva som jernalder barn
Eva as a iron age child - with tattoos on her leg

Iron Age children


Asbjørn tatoveres
Asbjørn needed to be finished, so that he could go to Afghanistan witha peace of mind
Asbjørns ryg


Eva leger i søen
Swimming in the boat-lake.
Eva og Anita

Anita broderer ved bålet
Coziness at the evening campfire

Sara i kirsebærtræet
Sara in the cherry tree

Anita i vikingestolen
A handsome Viking Queen in her throne chair

Anita ved Potteriet


Jan Arendt
Jan Arendt from Holland gets his first tattoo
A 'Cheshire-Cat' á la Lejre
Jan Arendts tatovering

Mette tatoveres
Mette got a whole fleet of viking ships wrapped around her arm.
The original was scratched into a plank found in Bergen, Norway.

Flåde 1Flåde 2Flåde 3Flåde 4

Here comes a pair of people on their way to the Stone Age

Eva som smed
And finally Eva trying out the viking smithy.






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