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We were at Lejre in week 30
July 23-30 2011

This summer was characterized by loads of rain, but it did not affect us that much. We were cozy in our tent at the marketplace. Erik made some really good tattoos, finalizing with one that was made in the Stoneage with a small flint stone. The centre had Stne Age as a theme the week we were there, so several families lived out there.

Here are some photos from our week:

 A tattoo on the leg
A German woman got a tattoo on her leg

A Dutch family
A Dutch Family around the fire in the evening

A small dragon
A very small dragon

Tattooing Morten
Erik tattooing Morten
He got a spiral around his elbow.


Anita and the kids
Anita and the kids in the tent

Eva bathing
Eva really wanted to have dip in the pond but thought the mud bottom to be very creepy.

Sara and Sarah
Sara and Sarah Fox in a stone age boat

Sun set
Fantastic colours over Lejre at Sunset.

Anita knitting
Anita knitting in the evening

Marcus drawing
Marcus drawing

Sune tattooed

Megan tattooed
Megan got a really fine pair of arms
Megan again

Stone age tattooing
I ended the week in the Stone Age by tattooing a French Archeologist.
Of course I used a flint stone, and she got a fine little petroglyph from the Bronze Age on her leg.
Bronze Age petroglyph tattoo

Stone Age boat
Stone Age couple in a boat on the lake

Spear thrower
A Stone Age woman showing the effect of a spear thrower


On a later Saturday in November we were arain in Lejre
This time for a photosession of ourselves in our finest Viking clothes.
You can see some of the fine photos here.







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