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Lejre 2010

We did have a very fine week at Lejre again. The weather was almost too good. The sun was baking down at us almost all the time, and we did not wear a shirt all week. Most of the week was booked ahead and we also had a load of visitors just looking at what we did, and maybe seeing tattooing done in the old ways for the first time, realizing that this is an ancient custom. Marcus was with us for the first time.

Lejre 2010
We occupied our traditional tent that has a really beautiful view (I am enjoying it!). Often it was more comfortable to be inside the tent - and thus in the shade, than outside in the sun.

Signe tatoveres
Here I am tattooing Signe on her foot - inside the tent.

Signes tatovering

The week's theme when we were there was - besides us (!) - the Vikings Law system (Ting), and how problems between people were solved according to the laws back in Viking Times.

Eva 'tatoveres'
We had our grandchildren with us for some of the days, and here I am 'tattooing' Eva's ankle.
Eva og Erik spiller musik
And afterwards we played some tunes on our flute and drum.

Lars spiller jødeharpe
While Lars got his tattoo he played his Jew harp. That was nice.

Rght next to our tent was the training ground for the Viking warriors. At times it got quite violent.


Vikingekrigere i aktion

Vikinge krigere

Lovsigemanden, Thegnen og hans kone
Here is the law-telling man, and the Thegn (chief) and his wife in their fine new clothes.

Srara skyder med bueSara skyder med bue
One afternoon we shot with out longbows with the kids.
Here Sara is shooting, and down is Sofia trying it out.

Sofia skyder med bue

Erik skyder med bue
And finally Erik takes aim while Sara is looking.

Here follows some of the tattoos that I did during the week:


Sigurd Dragonslayer on Anja

Hanni kværner kul
Hanni is grinding coal for her stone age inspired tattoo.

And here is the finished result.
She got the same design on both her hips last year.
Hanni Haapaniemi

Elina Elina

Oliver Oliver

Loic from Belgium


Thomas Below
Thomas Below
Thomas Below





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