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We were again at Lejre Historical  Research Centre who has got a new name:

Sagnlandet Lejre - The Land of Legends

We were there during the week July 18-22 2009

It was a very fine week, the weather was changing all the time between showers and sunshine - typical Danish summer, and generally very good. Anita and I had our grand children with us (and the friend Sofia), and that was fun.
I tattooed a lot in the traditional way with needles, and also got to do a few experiments with hawthorns and charcoal from the campfire. This was done on Hanni from Finland who is working with the Stone Age as a theme. It worked fine.
Whenever weather allowed us, we moved out of the tent to a bison skin where we created a magical space surrounded by sculls and weaponry.
I also had a very exciting experience with storytelling. Trine was at the market as a professional Storyteller, and she told the tale of Sigurd Fafnersbane while I was tattooing the same motive on Anja's shoulder. It was a magical experience, and convinced me that storytelling has often been part of the tattooing process in the early times - together with drumming, dancing and participating of the whole village.

Photos were taken by Erik, Anita Corfixsen and Willy Sejr Dierks.

Here is Hani who got a Stone Age motif that has been found on several Neolithic figures. I tattooed it with hawthorns and used charcoal from the campfires that Hanni had churned herself. It worked fine. The plan is now that she will get the same design on both her shoulders next summer.

Here is a picture of a figurine of a lion from the Stone age with the same design that has
inspired Hanni. It is from Isturitz, Basses Pyrenees. (Picture found on the Net)

Here I am collecting the hawthorns

Hanni with the hawthorn branch

The grindingstone where Hanni grinded the coal that we used for tattooing.

We are discussing the design from the original sources, and I am drawing it on Hanni's hip

A couple of animated gif's that Willy has made about Erik tattooing with hawthorn

Hanni's friend Elina also got a tattoo

Felix came from Germany to get an Yggdrasil tattoo.

Anja got a dragon who gets killed by Sigurd. While I tattooed her, the Storyteller Trine told the tale of Sigurd Fafnersbane. It was a very inspiring experience, that proved to me that storytelling has often been part of the tattoo process in earlier times.

This is Trine in full blast telling a wild tale from the Viking Age. She was an outstanding storyteller.


Thomas got a bronze age whale on his thigh

Here Colin is tattooing Johan from Århus on our magical bison hide.

 Swedish-Chilenian Melissa got a sun-wheel on her foot

Here are three little Viking girls - Sofia, Sara & Eva

Here I am sailing in a hollow treetrunk with Sara and Sofia

And here we are practising shooting with a longbow and arrows. Eva is trying the longbow for the first time. Note the arrow!

It can not get more romantic!

Here on the other hand is dark magic brewing in the Sacrificial Bog - oh horror!

Another tattoo outside the tent on the bison hide

Erik in front of our camp at Lejre

Anita and Erik in front of the Iron Age Village

Erik and one of the aurochs

Cheers and thank you for this time...


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