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Lejre 2006

Again this year we had a great stay at Lejre.

The weather was with us even to the extent tat is was really too hot the first few days. The summer of 2006 in Denmark has been the warmest in many years.

Here Anita and our grandchild Sara arrives
to the Viking Market Place
where we had a tent.

A little Viking Family.

Each morning we started out with breakfast by the lake outside the Pottery. We had great fun feeding the ducks and the carps in the lake.

Here we are tattooing in the tent at the Viking Market Place

Here follows some of the tattoos we did at Lejre this year.








We had many cosy evenings at the Market Place. After the public left the Centre we could relax and enjoy cooking over the camp fires.
Here it is the Dutch Kuiper family who lived at the Market Place for more than a week. They participated in the daily work, like when their boy, Arend-Jon apprenticed as a smith and forged his very own knife.

We experienced some formidable sunsets.


Here Colin is standing by some Standing Stones just outside the Centre, in Old Lejre. The stones were erected 2-3 thousand years ago.

Back to the Iron Age.

One evening we did our traditional time travel - back to the iron age.
I did a tattoo on one of the men in the Iron Age Village.
It was a great experience for him. The whole family, and even the whole village participated in the experience.
That can be quite cool.

After that I drew tattoos on all the kids in the village (with a felt pen).

The children made "Straw Barbies" - dolls of straw.

Claire Artemyz was with us again this year and took a lot of her experimental photos.
Here she is with Colin who relaxes in the grass.


Anita is shown spices and other plants at "Henrik Harpestreng's Garden"
A garden that is recreating Henrik Harpesteng's Garden from about 1200.
He was a doctor.

The week's theme at the Centre was "Food through the times".
We were served food from the stone age, iron age and viking times.

Mai and Freja and Jean-Francois
Tattooed by Colin

Sisse Brimberg and Cotton Coulson
fra Keenpress took some good photos
that you can see here




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