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Lejre 2005

We had a fine week in Lejre despite the fact that the weather was against us. It was raining a lot, but we were fine in the tent.

Morten got a bronze age inspired dragon on his arm.

Kim in fine style

Anita on the bridge to the Stone Age

Erik and Claire with one of the ox in the Iron Age Village.

Naja and Kira in Iron Age clothes

A night ship

And a sun horse

A small viking ship

The Sacrificial Bog

Erik  tattooing with a flint stone


Lars' new petroglyph

We were visited by Claire Artemyz from Paris, who photographed and video filmed the tattooing process in ultra close ups.
(Willy's photos)
See some of Claire's stunning photos here.

The girls playing an ancient game, throwing sticks (Willy's photo)

Colin tattooing (Willy's photo)

Colin tattooing using the Inuit technique - the tattoo is 'sewn' on using a needle and thread.
 (Willy's photo)

Erik tattooing Colin at the Sacrificial Bog

Here I am using a small flint stone as a 'needle'.
- and Claire is photographing

Read Claire's article about the event, published in the German Tätowier Magazine (in German!) here


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