Uffe Berenth

Originally educated as a graphic designer, Uffe has worked with illustrations, murals, wooden sculptures and leatherwork. 

From 2000-2005 he worked with humanitarian de-mining projects in Sudan, Eritrea, Angola and Ingushetia.

Uffe began his career as a tattoo artist in 2011. He joined Kunsten På Kroppen in May 2015. He travels a few times a year for guest spots and conventions. So far it's been mainly in the US and Canada. 

He works primarily with larger pieces; ranging from pieces that take several days up to full body suits that take up to over 30 days to complete.

"My work is greatly inspired by Nordic nature, culture and history. I work intuitively on my designs and with my clients. Most of my designs are hand drawn on the client on the day that they are to be tattooed, so each design is unique and personal, and a result of the cooperation between the client and me."