Moriild has always been madly in love with the art of creating and transforming.

Her passion for aesthetics, ancient crafts and transformations, fuels her work and she is a perfectionist to her most inner core.

Originally she is educated with a BAA in Design from The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (2006) and is furthermore trained in various artistic techniques such as sculpting porcelain, textile design, installation art and drawing.

The black ink has taken her prime focus the last 4 years, and she feels finally grounded in the field of work, where she truly belongs.

Her work is best described as artistic blackwork, linework/dotwork. Her tattooing style is gentle and the tattoos she create, heals up fast. All designs are drawn by hand and she is specialized in creating custom personalized tattoos.

Beside her creating she is also an experienced and educated Reiki healer and Tarot reader.