About us

At "Kunsten pa Kroppen" we make great tattoos that you will not find elsewhere!

Kunsten pa Kroppen is a well established Tattoo Studio in Copenhagen Center, where we specialize in Custom Tattooing. We have a long tradition in Historic and Ethnic design from all over the world. We feature very unique techniques when designing. And we also specialize in tattooing by hand in age old techniques. Of course we always use sterilized equipment, needles, disposable pigment, etc. in the best hygienic standard.

At "Kunsten pa Kroppen" are working the following tattoo artists:

At "Kunsten pa Kroppen" works from time to time, internationally acclaimed guest artists. Check news page for further information!

We follow these opening hours

Monday through Friday
from 11.oo to 18.oo (local time).

Our address is Rådhusstræde 15 in the center of Copenhagen.